Discussing the Community FAQ

Dear members,

In our continuous quest to make this community more accessible and intuitive for members and readers alike, we have made a lot of improvements last year. But there is still much room for improvement.

One thing that is missing is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Question page that explains clearly what we are all about, explaining our mission, vision, strategy, principles and community philosophies, and how you can best chime in and participate to reach our common objectives.

The current FAQ (accessible from the menu in top-right corner) is the standard one that comes with the software installation. It is about using the forum.

I want our FAQ to be about the Humane Tech Community instead (for forum instructions we have the Contribution Guidelines, also available from the same menu).

I invite you all to contribute to our FAQ !

  1. First talk about the things you think should be addressed in this topic.

  2. Update the Frequently Asked Questions Draft (an editable wiki post). to add your questions and answers, or improve existing ones

I suggest we first focus on getting the Questions right and in proper sequence, divided into sections. Then afterwards we’ll focus on providing satisfying answers.

When the FAQ becomes final it will be transferred to its proper location, replacing the current FAQ and I will close the Wiki Post for editing (the discussion thread will remain open).

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I have created some initial structure: A division in sections, and Questions set up as collapsible regions (using the edit tools menu). Also needed to add some html break tags for formatting. The questions there are purely indicative of the direction I’d like to go with this FAQ and to demonstrate a simple, clear page layout.

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