Proposing the Community Hub MVP is as good as complete

Hi all,

Michele and I worked really hard and many hours the past couple of days to get the Community Hub in working order. While the site still has plenty of rough edges, improvements to be made and things to be desired, I’d propose the Minimum Viable Product is as good as done.

We brought 28 Github issues to conclusion and here is an overview of them:

As you can see there are still open bullet points on this task. I propose we turn the appropriate ones into separate issues and then close the MVP Project Board. I think the project board was a great and easy help to see what Michele and I were working on.

Proposal: The MVP of the Community Hub is now Done

How to move on from here

I suggest from here on we divide the website into separate sections, and define project boards for each of them. The sections are such that they are not overlapping, leading to merge conflicts and such.

This can be like this for the next iterations of the website:

  1. General project board: For general site improvements, bugs, enhancements, etc.
  2. Bloggers project board: To handle blog post creation for members
  3. Activities project board: To flesh out the Activities section (add meetup groups, etc.)
  4. Resources project board: To create a real good overview and Ideas, Bookclub section, etc.

For Documentation and About page we will work separately (part of General board for now). For the first we have to find the appropriate workflows still.


Community Hub communications: In public topics from now

The biggest risk for the website is that we start forgetting about it, and just continue to our thing on the forum. So we should - I think - at least make the discussions part of public discourse.


I support your recommendations, @aschrijver. A million thanks to you, @micheleminno, @sidnya, and @Bozon for all your hard, wonderful work on the website and the forum.


Thank you, Pat.

The MVP project is now officially closed. I have been cleaning the remaining issues. I will create the new projects as outlined above.

Also I have just merged the first Pull Request from @henryrowswell. Many thanks, Henry, for providing the instructions to set up and develop for the Community Hub.