Melbourne & Sydney

I’m looking for people to collaborate with to bring some Time Well Spent events, ideas, and life to Melbourne and Sydney.

If you’re in the area, and interested in collaborating on setting up a regular meetup, please reach out.

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Hi @tidyminds, belated reply, but a friend of mine and I are wanting to get some momentum happening in Sydney so found your post. Are you still active / interested / geo-relevant?


Well, if anybody else is keen or knows of some great allies in the Sydney area who we could get in touch with as contacts or potential speakers, please let me know via reply. We’ll kick off a meetup group in a few weeks.

Hey! Great to hear from you. I am actually based out of Lisbon now, but I will DM you a contact of one of our amazing allies there

All the best!

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Sounds great! Had a look on meetup but couldn’t find the group, have you kicked it off yet? (I’m guessing not due to social distancing…). I’m relatively new to the community but would be keen to join. Leo

I’m in Sydney and am interested in attending events.