Looking for translators for Privacy Label

Hello all

First, thank you for the wonderful response to the Social Cooling website (which I built). Heartwarming. I am still looking for some time to work on more translations.

But for now I wanted to ask your help with another project called PrivacyLabel.org

Privacy Label is a universal one-page summary for privacy policies. It has been developed by a group of Dutch privacy experts and designers, and has been tested by Dutch universities and other organisations.

We’re now at the stage where we’re happy with the basic label, so it has become time to translate it into more languages. Having the label auto-translate into multiple languages is one of the features of the project. It will make it easier for small businesses or organisations to create one label, and have it be available in all European languages.

I’ve built a tool that makes it really easy to translate the label. Here’s an example of how it could be translated into German:


Dutch and English are covered. For all other languages any help is highly appreciated!

If you would like to add a language, please contact me by email, and I will give you the password for your language so that you can save your translation.

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Hi @Tijmen,

Very happy you joined and you are most welcome to our community!

We tracked social cooling in one of our topics: Social Cooling: Great resource to share on living in a reputation economy and it indeed trended on Hacker News, but was also very popular on the Fediverse.

Your new project Privacy Label is yet another fantastic initiative. I really like it, and I encourage a separate post to introduce further in #alignment:best-practices category, with added ‘privacy’, ‘ethics’ tag.

Aside: Before I go into the translation request… I am member of Greaterthanlearning who have created an equally great onboarding experience to introduce members to their relationship agreement. Really refreshing approaches overall, see e.g. the blog post More than compliance. Privacy is about innovation by Nathan Kinch. They are preparing a course on Better Disclosure and our member @m3me, co-founder, might tell more about it (but rather in a new topic then :slight_smile: ).

Okay, translations.

You socialcooling.com triggered us to start this #focus:translation-program. This via @lopeztel who mentioned that most good articles are never published in any language but English. After an announcement our member @abuikis facilitated a Weblate server, which - as it happens - became fully available just yesterday at translate.humanetech.community :smiley:

Now I now this is probably not what you were looking for with regards to PrivacyLabel.org as it has a built-in translation facility. Plus our Humanetech Translation Program (HTP) needs to be further organized still. But we might use it to test-drive Weblate and create translations of the config-file format you need. We can use both tools in parallel.

In any case I will give a mention to all translation volunteers that announced themselves, and then also post to Mastodon, Twitter and LinkedIn with reference to this topic.

Hi wondeful volunteers,

Look at the translation request above, by @Tijmen. Would you consider helping with this? I have looked at the number of fields to be translated, and it should only cost you a couple of minutes. For European languages I am reaching out to:

@abuikis (Italian)
@lamacri (Italian)
@lopeztel (Spanish)
@t0bi (German)
Delphine Brunetière via linkedin (French)

And in case not only EU language translations are needed:

@emiliobfreire (Brazilian Portuguese)
@chalgo (Korean)
@abuikis (Russian)
Valerie Poon via linkedin (Chinese)

Soon I will make a broader announcement on the Humanetech Translation Program so we can shape a great new initiative together.

Thank you all,


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Hi @Tijmen,

I tooted to Fediverse here: https://mastodon.social/web/statuses/105181759575828005
Then tweetered to Tweeter here: https://twitter.com/humane_tech_now/status/1325869586751873024
And posted to our HTC LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6731638704483528705
Finally I also notified HTC and Fediverse Matrix groups.

@Tijmen @aschrijver I’m happy to translate to spanish.

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Amazing project @Tijmen - aligns to the privacy “nutrition labels” being rolled out by Apple for their app store.

I’m not fluent in any languages apart from english so can’t help on that side. But can help promote the project via Greater Than Learning and other channels. It’s very relevant to the better disclosure and legal design learning stream.

Would love to learn more about the research that was done on this. Is there a publicly available report?

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Thanks a lot @lopeztel, and my thanks also goes out to Valerie Poon and Delphine Brunetière who offered help for translating to Chinese and French respectively.

Thanks @m3me. It is wonderful to see all these beautiful resources. With all of these gaining adoption we’ll see real improvements in the field soon.

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Thanks @m3me, we were also pleasantly surprised when Apple came out with the nutrition label metaphore. We had been using it for a while ourselves, as this project has been 3 years the making.

Good point about creating some kind of documentation about why we made the choices we did. More practical documentation is already being created.

As a native English speaker, are these any things you notice in the English version? Would you be willing to do a ‘native english speaker’ check on what we came up with? If you’re interested I’ll give you the password so you can save any tweaks.

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@lopeztel Thanks for offering to translate to Spanish. How an I best reach out to you? Same goes for the other volunteers. <3

@aschrijver Thanks for sharing Arnold! Greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Tijmen, welcome to this community. I am a retired headmaster, for many years an English language teacher in Italian public schools. I am ready to help you in Humanetech Translation Project.
All the best!

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Thanks @lamacri, I’ve send you an email with the details on how to add a translation.

Dear @emiliobfreire, @chalgo and @abuikis, would you also be willing to translate? If so, give me a shout at translations@privacylabel.org

(Delphine has already created a French translation just now, yay)

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I have just finished the first translation!
Tell me about!
All the best!


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@lamacri Thanks Luigi! It’s live, lookin’ good!

I recall nutritional label style notices being talked about years ago when I was working at meeco, just before GDPR came in. Really pleased you’ve brought this to life.

I think the documentation might be also be more from key research insights that led to the implementation. Primarily so the broader ecosystem can learn and ideally replicate the research and results in some way. Although this is notoriously difficult in social research settings. I’d definitely be interested in reading about the research that was done with the universities.

There was nothing I picked up on that stood out when I went through it. However I did not give it the cognitive resources required to provide any constructive feedback. It’s in the backlog to run through it and use it for Greater Than Learning. I’ll reach out when I’m going through it. I’d be happy to offer suggestions on improvements :slight_smile:

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Ohh I wrote you an email 2 weeks ago may be :slight_smile: I see @lamacri did Italian already. I can do Russian if needed (?)

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