Social Cooling: Great resource to share on living in a reputation economy

Via Mastodon I was made aware of this wonderful resource that introduces us to the concept of Social Cooling:

Share this resource! Just like The Social Dilemma it serves to make people aware of direct implications of inhumane tech to their personal lives.

Note: shared on Fediverse, Twitter and our own LinkedIn group. Retweets / boosts appreciated.


Social Cooling exploded on Hacker News, and is now one of the top threads ever with almost 1,000 comments:


I think that is a really good resource. As you know, I am working on this matter in Italy and I could help to build up the italian language version. What can I do to send the italian version of the slides?
Best regards!

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That’s FANTASTIC, @lamacri! I just sent the creator of the website a notification with a link to this forum thread.

Thanks! I wait for it!

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I would like to offer to do the same for Spanish as I realized resources need to be translated to reach more people :slight_smile:

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Also, to follow up on the topic of resources, is there a central location to gather all the links ? maybe that is also something that could be useful?

Welcome to the community @lopeztel and great to meet you on the Fediverse :slight_smile:
Thanks so much. It is wonderful to see a second language being offered for translation.

(Just now The Privacy Foundation tooted a link to the site as well. And I added a comment asking for more translators).

If we create a real translation project, then there are multiple options. A pinned wiki post on this forum could be a starter and/or with a separate Github repo for project management.

Sounds great let’s hope to see more people interested / languages added

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Thank you, @t0bi, for offering German language translation! Very cool :pray:

@lopeztel, @lamacri, @emiliobfreire: One thing suggested by @t0bi is that - since Social Cooling contains a bunch of references to other English-language resources - we should find alternatives to these too, for each particular language region.

Also an update: I had a brief contact with the creator (had to go via LinkedIn) and invited him to join this conversation.

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Good idea! @t0bi

I recently run a course about these subjects in Portuguese so I have some alternatives. Also some references, like talkes on youtube tend to have subtitles and that helps out a lot.

I think the most important thing is creating a hub so that the descentralized information can be shared with people that don’t speak english.

A page like Social Cooling and a forum like HTC would be awesome.

On the Fediverse fellow fedizen GPIO27 provided a good observation:

There are some societies called “high context” societies; usually rural, close-knit groups where everyone knows everyone, and everyone also knows everyone else’s business. There is no privacy. You can’t really keep a secret. And people in such societies are very, very cautious, very jealous of their reputation, very careful in their interactions, for this reason. Also very non-trusting of outsiders.

“Low context” societies are more anonymous, like big cities with large numbers of people. You can be private, you can be anonymous, you can go about your business with nobody knowing what you are up to or even know who you are. People in such societies tend to be more brash, direcvt, confrontational (“I’m walkin here!”) and more welcoming of outsiders, since everyone is more or less an outsider.

With social media, everyone knows each other’s business, there’s no privacy, and people are indeed behaving more like a high-context society-- all across the world.

Hi @lamacri, @lopeztel, @t0bi,

Thank you very much for volunteering to translate the Social Cooling page. I would like to present you to the Humanetech Translation Program that was just launched and ask if you’d consider joining as translator in this broader program as well.

If you do, then you can add your username to this wiki post by clicking the Edit button on the bottom-right side…

It would be great if I could welcome you there!