A Primer to Better Disclosure course

Thanks @aschrijver for prompting this in the topic on privacy labels :pray:- I’ll try dedicate some time to diving into that project a little deeper over the coming weeks. It seems like such a great project and I’m really looking forward to seeing evolve. So much solid progress in this area!

So we launched the first primer course in our Better Disclosure and Legal Design learning stream a few weeks back. Like most of our courses it’s practical in focus and is based on the work we’ve done globally in these areas of privacy, ethics and trust. It can probably be worked through in a few hours and should get you started reasonably quickly.

While we are in early beta anyone that signs up at the moment gets 12 months FREE membership. You can check out the course overview here. Our signup process gives a decent demonstration of better disclosure in practice so your learning experience starts before you even do the first “lesson”.

Hit me up if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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