London Chapter

Hi all! Just a general message, not London chapter-specific: Note that as part of the community’s future plans we will also have services and proper homes for each chapter and organize fun and creative collaborative events. Therefore I’ll post some pointers to more info on this:

Hi there,

super interested in participating on this!

That is great, @Soraiasalvador! Are you interested in organizing a chapter too?

We just started a campaign to organize and streamline our Meetup activities, and yesterday I created an Event Organizers group. You could be the first member in that team. Read more about the campaign here: Eventful Campaign: Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events

Hi all. Doesn’t seem like a meetup has been arranged yet on this. I’m happy to set one up. Would love to meet many of you.

I don’t understand this idea of a ‘chapter’. Is it just an meetup group affiliated with CHT?

How does Tuesday 4th December work for people as the first date?

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Hi Fraser,

It works for me. I am really up for meeting all the CHT London community soon!

Awesome! I’m going to setup a Meetup group this weekend.To see who turns up.

Let’s keep the first one pretty informal. Then see how we want to structure it for the subsequent ones :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, I’ve just set up the first Human Tech London event. Hoping to keep this one fairly informal but get to know people and do some planning for the next events in 2019.

Can’t wait to meet you all.


Wonderful, @fraser! I have updated the overview of meetup chapters to reflect this.

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Hi everyone! The next Humane Tech London Meetup is posted online.

Would love to see as many of you there as possible. Merry Xmas all!


Great @fraser! Very nice to see London Humane Tech take flight. Everyone: Share the announcement on your social media channels, and boost these ones: HTC Announcement on Twitter and HTC Announcement on Mastodon

This is great! I’ve just found the community and this thread today. Have signed up to attend the Jan meet up. Look forward to the conversation and sharing ideas.
Merry Christmas all.


Hi - just introducing myself - London entrepreneur - working on solutions within this field - so would love to connect further with London Members. Have just signed up (with my business partners doing likewise) to the meetup later this month. Look forward to meeting people there!

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