Learn How You Can Participate in The Humane Tech Translation Program

So, so nice! I’ll add you to the list above :smiley:
Welcome to the community, Alberto!

Hi! I am a UX Designer and would love to help out redesigning the website or on the translation or promotion workflows. I am not bilingual but I will be sure to forward this opportunity to bilingual UX friends that may be interested, thank you!

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That is just awesome! Thanks so much @eclein, and welcome to HTC! I added you to the wiki post above.

Also I have created a wiki post topic for the website design: Help Redesign HTC Website for Humanetech Translation Program

I would like to offer my help with the Vietnamese translation. How can I get started?


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Welcome to HTC, Vu, and thanks a lot for offering your help :pray:

The translation program is still in early stages. This post above provides an overview, and I will add you to the list of translators there.

I am excited to work on this website. I just had a couple of questions about the goals of the translation program.

  • What types of content will be getting translated? I know Google Chrome can already translate full web pages and articles, how would this translation program accomplish things that Chrome’s translation cannot?

  • Will a search bar be necessary on the website?

I am also excited that you offered to help on the project :slight_smile:

Besides the fact that many people do not use the built-in translation facilities all that often, there’s other aspects where human-translated resources work best. First of there’s the accuracy of the translation where people still do better than machine translation. But more importantly the mere fact that the resource does not exist in a certain language means that people will never be exposed to it in the first place. Having the translated resource means it can be exposed via SEO, appears in more ‘filter bubbles’ when doing a search, and it can be promoted by people in their own social media targeting their language audience.

What many people do not realize is how much language separates groups. For instance there is an entire ‘parallel online universe’ when considering the Spanish speaking parts of the world.

Furthermore many resources require a form of ‘localization’ as the links on the resource point to yet more English-language articles, and for these - in many cases - appropriate alternatives need to be found. A good example is Social Cooling, which has proven itself a very popular and informative website.

(Note that Social Cooling by @Tijmen - just his like Privacy Label - is an example where we’ll more likely just donate the translation to the creator for inclusion on their website, instead of adding to our own site - unless explicit permission is given to do so. In return we might ask for proper attribution. These resources may still be referenced on the site, and part of promotion campaigns)

Re: Search. Yes, I think a search facility is needed as the number of resources will eventually grow, making things harder to find. A good categorization and tagging scheme (both native features of Jekyll) come a long way, but if your tag filter still yields, say, 5 pages people intend not to navigate all of them. Besides tagging there can also be a ranking based on popularity and a ‘Featured’ articles, both to highlight the gems in the collection.

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I am currently doing a consciously digital coach program through which I discovered Humane Tech and am since then following various activities here. I would love to join the translation program and could translate the material to German.

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Superb Céline, just wonderful :pray:
I have added you to the list of translators.

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Please add me in. I can help with the translation from English to Chinese:).

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Woot! This is great! I’ll gladly add you to the list

Hello! I would love to translate resources to spanish. I’m a librarian from Colombia, and a tech enthusiast.

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Hello everyone,
I can help with English to Greek proofread/translation.

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Most welcome to the community @vald_es and @AB9! Super, that you are volunteering. I’ll add you to the list :smiley:

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Yes, I’d like to participate! Spanish translation :wink:

Yay!! Fantastic :partying_face: I will add you to the list… welcom to HTC @ybcl

“Navigation and/or integration of the Weblate platform” may be can work for me? :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s great Andrejs! I was thinking along the lines of every article having Translation links that will bootstrap the translation workflow.

Hi, I would love to volunteer to translate to Filipino :slight_smile:

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Splendid @sdorothygrace, I’ll put you on the list. Welcome to HTC :smiley:

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