Junto, new social media platform being built on Holochain

Hi all,

Junto just launched their Kickstarter campaign today and I thought you all might be interested in it. I’ll just highlight some points from their campaign to give you an idea of what it’s about:

"Junto is a collective effort to move beyond the restrictive norms, addictive qualities, mental health consequences, and privacy concerns produced by social media platforms today.

Through integrating a consciously designed interface, distributed technology, and a nonprofit approach, we’ve created a new breed of social media in the spirit of authenticity. Our intention is to embrace a full spectrum of intelligences and styles of communication. We invite all of you to help accelerate this shift towards a decentralized internet and cultivate an atmosphere that inspires each individual’s most natural form of expression."

"Things we’re doing less of:

  • No advertisements
  • No rating systems, like buttons, or mandatory follower counts
  • No AI-powered feeds that reinforce existing beliefs
  • We don’t own, track, or sell your data
  • We don’t censor information outside of the legal scope of our terms and services.

Things we’re doing more of:

  • Creating an intuitive, human-centric interface
  • Identity verification accessible to all members
  • Ability to direct your own discovery of information
  • You customize the organization and content of your feeds and filters
  • A dynamic center for expression with an ever-expanding number of mediums
  • Our technology is open-source; our codebase is transparent for everyone to review to make sure we are keeping our word and open to any developers wanting to contribute
  • In the near future, we will provide people with the ability to donate to their favorite independent creators"