Volunteers Needed: Prosocial Design Network Update

Hi All!

I’m John Fallot, one of the co-founders of the Prosocial Design Network. We’re a research collective, whose mission is to promote prosocial design: evidence-based design practices that bring out the best in human nature online. To that end, we curate behavioral science studies on fostering goodwill/countering cyberhate, and use those as a jumping off point for user interface solutions and interventions.

I had posted about this back in December or January, and some truly excellent folks came over to our Slack and began offering their expertise.

We’ve had some great progress over the past six months. We:

  • Launched our website: prosocialdesign.org
  • Began reviewing behavioral science studies over on Notion
  • Grew our pool of experts and volunteers to around 60 members
  • Applied for a grant with the Anti Defamation League

We could use more volunteers though, especially as we dive into the core part of our work. We need volunteers to do the following (not mutually exclusive) tasks:

  • Reviewing pre-selected behavioral science studies to draw, discuss, and synthesize user interface design findings
  • Conceptualizing user interface interventions based on those findings (low fidelity/doodles is fine)

We have a dedicated volunteer (i.e. me) to do both the preselection work and taking any low fidelity prototypes to higher fidelity. But no man is an island and the more heads that we can bring to bear the better!

If you’re interested in participating, then fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch. In the meantime, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have here. Thanks!


Good stuff :slight_smile:
Keep it up John!

Hey John, I’m interested! I filled out the form a couple days ago but haven’t heard back. Let me know how I can help.