Introducing: Prosocial Design — Looking For Interested Members to Join Our Slack

Hi all,

Over the Thanksgiving Break, and friend of mine and I decided to launch ‘Prosocial Design’. We’re taking behavioral studies on prosocial behaviors and translating those into user interface elements and user experiences that nudge users to exhibit more prosocial behaviors. The link to joining our Slack Channel is here:

So far, we have a handful of experts on our Slack channel, and are looking to grow our numbers further. If you’re interested, especially if you have UX, UI, or behavioral science experience, let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to each of you with a personal invite link.



Interested. Especially familiar with user’s behaviors in India on mobile interfaces. Have experience conducting and participating in UX research.

Hi John,
I’m not a UI/UX designer, but I’m working on a ’prosocial’ project right now. No idea if it’s going to have a long way because my contract is going to finish next summer and, more than else, at this stage, I’m supposed to conceive a plan to change public opinion on a highly valuable social form of structured cooperation. If you think this could be a good experience to share, so yes I would be happy to join you.
Thank you

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Yes, interested. currently working on a project researching how to use digital platforms for peace building.

best wishes,

Yes please. My startup is entirely designed from the ground level around prosocial elements so I’d like to connect.

Would love to learn more. Your website needs a password. Currently working on a methodology focused on helping leadership/founders intentionally shape organizational culture which includes how the org designs/develops products and services.

I am interested! I am director of design strategy at a large humanitarian organization and support program and service design efforts addressing needs of marginalized communities in different contexts.

Hi John, very interested yes, would love a link. Mike

Hi John,
I’m interested in joining. My current tech work is focused on helping people do what they already want to do–using behavioral science, UX, and social connections. Thanks, Sarita

Hi John, would love to join. I’m a UX / product designer with a background in social science, human geography, and marketing. I currently work at a eCommerce technology company in the gifting space, where human relationships are central to my work. Very fascinated by how to design more responsible and meaningful products. Would love to join and learn more.

Hi John,

I’m a user researcher in Boulder, Colorado. Very interested in joining your slack.


I just found this forum and my [unfunded] humane tech company is looking for a UI/UX design lead to join our team of 4 talented and experienced founders disrupting social media outside the standard VC track.

I know this post is 2 years old, and the Slack link no longer works, but if anyone sees this and is intrigued please find us on or

We are open to many other kinds of contribution too, especially PR and communications.

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Thank you, welcome For those interested you may also wanna check out the matrix chat between Publicspaces and @wolftune.

Hi John,
Good initiative. The link to Slack channel is no longer active. I would like to join.