Prosocial Design Pattern Library, Early Access

Hi all,

The first version of the Prosocial Design Library is nearly complete! I wanted to take this momentous occasion to open it up to initial user thoughts and feedback. We’re looking for feedback regarding entries in the library; specifically, how might each entry be as useful as possible to designers, behavioral scientists, and user researchers.

Please note that not all the cards are complete, as it is very much a work in progress.

The site exists over at and the password to access it is: prosocial

Please direct all feedback to



Fantastic resource! I love the look and high quality content, and how you highlight proven methods. Thank you, this is really wonderful.

This looks promising @JohnFallot :ok_hand:
I would love to see a newsletter to be notified about updates.

Hi @JohnFallot,

I guess you have moved the page referenced above and your current online presence is at:

The design library is not yet available I see, so I won’t respond to that. Note that there may be some patterns on this forum to be included, like e.g. Mea culpa mechanism to de-escalate conflicts on social media

I have some feedback about the current site:

  • I’d get rid of SquareSpace. Create your own cookieless static site. There’s great tools and options for that. Consider making it work without JS enabled, and take accessibility requirements into account.
  • A prosocial tip: Never be an anonymous entity that provides an online service. Who’s the “We” in the About page? Who do I contact via the contact form? Who are you, why are you doing this, and what are the other things you do. I’d include information on that.
  • Another such tip. In the Code-of-Conduct you mention “paid events”. Be open and transparent from the start on your business and revenue plans, so you’ll get a proper trust relationship with those community members signing up.
  • Besides the license for the Code-of-Conduct you’ll need to address licensing of community content. This could be CC-BY too, but might also be CC-BY-SA.
  • Because you have cookies, for joining and creating community content you’ll also need a Privacy Policy, and given the site is available in EU it needs to be GDPR-compliant.

Hope you found this feedback useful :slight_smile:

PS. You might be interested in The Flourishment Initiative too.