Prosocial Design Pattern Library, Early Access

Hi all,

The first version of the Prosocial Design Library is nearly complete! I wanted to take this momentous occasion to open it up to initial user thoughts and feedback. We’re looking for feedback regarding entries in the library; specifically, how might each entry be as useful as possible to designers, behavioral scientists, and user researchers.

Please note that not all the cards are complete, as it is very much a work in progress.

The site exists over at and the password to access it is: prosocial

Please direct all feedback to



Fantastic resource! I love the look and high quality content, and how you highlight proven methods. Thank you, this is really wonderful.

This looks promising @JohnFallot :ok_hand:
I would love to see a newsletter to be notified about updates.

Hi @JohnFallot,

I guess you have moved the page referenced above and your current online presence is at:

The design library is not yet available I see, so I won’t respond to that. Note that there may be some patterns on this forum to be included, like e.g. Mea culpa mechanism to de-escalate conflicts on social media

I have some feedback about the current site:

  • I’d get rid of SquareSpace. Create your own cookieless static site. There’s great tools and options for that. Consider making it work without JS enabled, and take accessibility requirements into account.
  • A prosocial tip: Never be an anonymous entity that provides an online service. Who’s the “We” in the About page? Who do I contact via the contact form? Who are you, why are you doing this, and what are the other things you do. I’d include information on that.
  • Another such tip. In the Code-of-Conduct you mention “paid events”. Be open and transparent from the start on your business and revenue plans, so you’ll get a proper trust relationship with those community members signing up.
  • Besides the license for the Code-of-Conduct you’ll need to address licensing of community content. This could be CC-BY too, but might also be CC-BY-SA.
  • Because you have cookies, for joining and creating community content you’ll also need a Privacy Policy, and given the site is available in EU it needs to be GDPR-compliant.

Hope you found this feedback useful :slight_smile:

PS. You might be interested in The Flourishment Initiative too.

Just seeing this now:

  • We’ve since moved to Webflow. We’re working on the Cookies issue, but it’s not entirely clear if our code is disabling cookies for folks that opt out. We now have a disclaimer. Still need to write up a Privacy & Terms of Use policy.
  • Good point on contact disclosure: I’ll fix this shortly.
  • Code of Conduct: we need to write up a new one as the one we had was likely boilerplate.
  • I think we’re rolling with CC-BY-SA, so we’ll take note of that.
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You have a very nice site going @JohnFallot and I am actively recommending it everywhere. PS, I notified about the Mea Culpa pattern via your contact form. Think it is a nice one to add.

Note there’s also some patterns in Google’s research group Jigsaw, like the Perspective API to gauge toxicity in written text. Only disadvantage, of course, is the Big Tech relationship (with background Tensorflow AI service).