Looking for UX/UI Designer for Peer to Peer Community for Self-Development

GetMotivatedBuddies is a peer to peer community for self-development that improves wellbeing. We are subscription based and have paying users for our beta site and are building a two-sided marketplace to align incentives of individuals and businesses in the areas of health and fitness, education, work and other areas. We have not yet launched.

Our advisors are Dennis Boyle, partner at IDEO, who teaches design for behavioral health at Stanford and Dipayan Ghosh, who runs the Platform Accountability Project at the Harvard Kennedy School, was the tech advisor for the Obama administration, and just released the book Terms of Disservice: How Silicon Valley is Destructive by Design.

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Hi Michael,

What kind of UXUI work are you looking for?

Hi Michael, DM me at harun@harun.it

This project sounds very interesting. In what way is wellbeing going to be woven into the platform? Also, what exactly do you mean by “self-development”? I’m not a UX designer, but I know several and I’d love to hear more about your project! :slight_smile:

HI Cam, can you email me at michael@getmotivatedbuddies.com, and let me know what questions you have and I’m happy to answer them. Thank you so much! Michael

hi estoria, could you email me at michael@getmotivatedbuddies.com ? I can’t follow conversations on here. I just saw this… thank you