Frontend/ Fullstack/UX tech help for wellbeing site

My site GetMotivatedBuddies is a social platform to improve wellbeing through behavior change. It is designed to help people reclaim their attention for themselves by connecting them with others working towards similar goals. It allows them to do behaviors together virtually, and all the more relevant in this moment with social distancing.

I have paying users for my bootstrapped test site, a community of over 11k and I’m about to launch a pilot program with the City of Santa Monica Office of Civic Wellbeing. The business model is a two sided marketplace of b2c and b2b2c. The relationships formed on the site are, deep, rich, powerful and fun! But I really need help.

My highest priority is frontend Development and ux design. The stack is Python/Django/React, and it is a responsive web app.

There are other areas where I could use help so if this is something that appeals to you please do send me a direct message. I’ve found this community to be extremely helpful in the past.

Sample user quote:

“I think this site has really helped me so far in terms of planning everything out and giving me more of a work-life balance. It’s much better than doing an hour a day, not really focusing, then panicking and feeling like I need to work into the night or over the weekend!"

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Hi Micheal!

I am a final year masters student at KTH in Stockholm majoring in Human-Computer Interaction and Design. Currently, I am writing my thesis on behaviour change with data visualisations and I am interested in helping with your UX needs. Please send me a message if you want to discuss this further with me.
Also, what kind of UX work exactly needs to be done? Because if it is like user research with the people in Santa Monica I might not be able to help there but if it is some designing/redesigning or creating prototypes etc I have some junior level experience in those and I would be able to help you with that.

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Hey Michael,
I have a team to do the backend and on my personal site have content that can help with content.
Do let me know a good time for a call on skype zoom or meet(google) and we can discuss this in detail.

Hi, I was wondering if you need a content writer?
I write a newsletter about intentional internet use and I’m offering my help for free because i’m interested in this project!


Hi Madi, actually very interested, it looks very much in alignment.
Pls email me:

Thank you.