Launching a Mastodon Instance on OpenWeb and Humane Design: Please Join, and Promote

Wanted to offer this news of a new Mastodon social network instance that has a humane design and open web focus. It is brand new, and so far “vanilla” Mastadon set up. But I’d offer it as a place to build out principles and technologies of Humane Design, just as we are also integrating and building in other open web and defederated tech. And as it is Mastodon, no algorythims pushing additive content, no ad tech monitoring or pushing.
Anyone on Mastodon is welcome to follow; anyone not on Mastodon but who wants to join in, is welcome to join this instance.

We are also amplifying the Humane Tech Mastadon account as one key one to follow.
Here is the announcement of the launch:

INDIEWEB.SOCIAL is a #Mastodon-based Fediverse instance that is a home for those who build, study, promote - or are just fascinated by - a wide variety of #openweb, #indieweb, #federated and #humanetech practices and technologies.

We seek to promote innovation and shared evolution and promotion of such technologies as well as to offer this instance itself as a platform to experiment with integration and early implementations of these.

We will build out here what we hope to see elsewhere: offerings to federate, interoperate, and build bridges to transition in parallel. And to encourage an open, cross platform discussion of how to support and build this together across many diverse projects and technologies.

You can join here if you do not already have an account on another Mastodon instance:


And we are definitely activiely amplifying and promoting the Humane Tech Mastodon content and account:

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One other question: now that we have done the “basics” very open to other notes as to how to optimize. Am about to add a robots.txt to make it so no public posts are spidered or indexted by search engines. Any specific recommendations for that?

Also working to make it so that all email notifications or push notifications for new users are set to off, and are opt in not opt out. Other ideas or recommendations?

This is interesting. Also available and worth a look-see is Idka - communication, sharing and built in cloud storage on one platform -

Mastodon terms of use of banning racism on the platform is a great way forward.We hope some more humane platforms like this. In my mind racism is the root cause of recent violent acts against minorities. And of course we know historically speaking what happened when this kind of discrimanation was the prevailing mindset. Along with Mastodon banning other forms of discrimanations this is a sort of fresh air. I hope you includes banning discrimanation on old people too. More power.

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