Humane tech apparel webshop list (wiki post)

We want to provide cool T-shirts, caps, cups and stickers with the artwork that you designed, such as this I’m here now design, created by Michele Minno:

List of websites providing webshop services that can be leveraged to easily create and sell HTC apparel items, like t-shirts.

General discussion: "I'm here now" T-shirt project

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(As also described in the Phone Zombies campaign deliverable):

  • Humanely produced: produced by well-paid workers with proper humane work conditions

  • Low-cost: low production/shipping prices

  • World-wide delivery

  • Easy-to-use: preferably a web app where you can assembly your design by yourself

  • No intermediary payment: financial transaction directly between buyer and webshop (no HTC involvement)

  • Print-on-demand: produce individual orders when they are placed


Important requirements, but not vital for selection.

  • Multiple admins: allows more than one community member to manage community account

  • Environment-friendly: produced sustainably, eco-friendly, recyclable

  • Fair-trade: better than verage trading conditions for producers in developing countries

Candidates Shortlist

Add items to this list:

Site Description Humane tech compliant Low-cost World-wide delivery Easy-to-use No intermediary Donate earnings All over printing Some ethics issues about some user-generated content, site with many trackers, sells PII Product prices Yes Yes (embedded UI for designing) Yes Earnings can be redirected to charity org Mostly US and Europe No (must use external software for designing) Yes Earnings can be redirected to charity org Yes No (must use external software for designing) No Eco-friendly, but lots of trackers Yes, but site not secure testdrive: 10 Pounds / single-item Yes Yes (but design from scratch) No, but also no pre-configured designs Yes Yes


@aschrijver: - A comparison of Print-On-Demand webshops by PlaceIt

  • Note: all shops focus on having artists make a profit, not offering (non-profit) t-shirts.

@patm: - Want to add here that if we get our youtube channel going, we can sell the T-shirt on it. This image shows something I looked at today.