Humane tech apparel webshop list (discussion)

This post is related to this list of webshops shown here.

In order to print t-shirts like this one for the I’m here project, we need to find webshops that have the ‘all over printing’ feature, enabling to reach with our design any part of the t-shirt, without jumps or gaps.
@patm could you tell about what your friend that is in this field told you about?

My friend Colleen is the owner of Tutuvi. She designs both fabrics and clothes, including T-shirts.

She said that a T-shirt is flat enough to be considered two-dimensional, so we can think of it as a surface on which we print a picture.

Some people, she said, will create a screen that is almost as large as the shirt and will press it against the shirt, transferring the design in its entirety.

Others will use a machine with arms that carefully draw the design on the shirt.

She liked Michele’s design (as many of us do) and said that two parts of it would be hard to replicate: the lines on the sleeves, and the words that curve around the neck. She did feel that the design could be reproduced, though not in bulk. Each shirt would have to be printed carefully, which would take time.

Now, these are my recollections of what Colleen said. It would be best to communicate with her directly if one were going ahead with the T-shirt design.

Also, we did not talk about the heat-transfer method.

I hope this is helpful, @micheleminno :tshirt::tshirt:


Could we arrange a call with her? To know if this printing is feasable and more or less how much it would cost to print a t-shirt in this way? I found here a couple of ‘all over printing’ web services, but it can’t be done with the design online tool, we have to call them. So firstly we can talk with Colleen anyway…

Yes, of course. I’ll get in touch with Colleen and try to arrange a call.

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