Goodies: Promotional materials for the Humane Tech Community

“Goodies” Campaign



Create promotional materials for the Goodie Bag of the Humane Tech Community, such as apparel, stickers, mouse mats, screensavers, etc.



  • Members and potential members of the community

Success criteria

  • No success criteria have been defined. Criteria depend on the Deliverables


  • No retrospective has been held yet.


A good way to promote HTC and CHT and at the same time draw attention to technology harms or their solutions, is to have branded goodies that can be dealt out at e.g. meetup events (e.g. stickers), downloaded (e.g. screensaver), or worn to make a statement (e.g. apparel such as T-shirts or baseball caps).

This campaign is about creating such goodies in crowdsourced manner and fill the Goodie Bag of the community.


T-Shirt: I’m here now

A cool t-shirt design to raise awareness of how smartphones are detrmimental to interactions with other people in real-life social engagements. The T-shirt can be ordered by anyone, or given as a gift, and also promotes the Humane Tech Community with its branding on the back side.


  • This campaign does not require a strategy. Strategy is defined in the individual Deliverables.


  • No funding is required to execute this campaign.



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For the “I’m here now” T-shirt deliverable, see also this forum discussion: "I'm here now" T-shirt project