"I'm here now" T-shirt project

In April 2018, as part of our Design Contest I realized this sketch for a T-shirt about being present while walking or standing with other people.

(Note: We should put “Humane Technology Community” on the back instead of “Centre for Humane Technology”)

What do you think?

This design is now official part of our Awareness Program (specifically as a deliverable of the Goodies campaign).

See the detailed description here: “I’m Here Now” T-Shirt Deliverable

Is anyone with skills/resources interested in turning this into real t-shirts?


It looks great! There are many companies offering T-shirt customization services online. If there’s a budget then this can be done as part of the merchandise. Again funding is essential!

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Yes, this is a great design! However, I think we can (and should) realize this without funding. Therefore in the deliverable I added following requirement:

Payment should be arranged by the orderer and the company, without involvement of the community as intermediary.

Note: We’ve had a lot of discussion about funding the community, which needs a lot of attention, and having a better, more organized foundation as prerequisite (the preparations which you’ve also mentioned in other threads).


Teespring would be a no-brainer. These would sell like hot-cakes.

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Great, thank you @loundy! We could make an account at Teespring.com as CHT and upload it. What do you think @aschrijver and @MelodyLiu?

Teespring looks quite good, I agree. But there are many, many other providers as well. I don’t think it will harm to make a shortlist of the best ones and compare on price and features (and requirements outlined in the deliverable.

What I like is that Teespring allows to collect ‘profits’ on top of the standard T-shirt price. If we make an account, it would be a HTC (not CHT) one, and we have no way to collect profits (no bank account). We can either have:

  • Minimum prize, no profits
  • Add profits, and donate to a cause of our chosing

The second option can be combined with campaining e.g. by selecting a monthly / bi-monthly organization we like to support and donate profits to. By doing this strategically we can forge nice cooperations and partnerships.


I created this topic for editing the shortlist of preferred webshops: Humane tech apparel webshop list (editable)


When we get this project to a state where actual T-shirt can be ordered, then we should also add a page to the Community Website presenting this fact, and from where people can start the order. Should be a page that continues to be available, and to which we can add other orderable stuff once we have that.

I created an issue for that in the website repository:

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I think teespring it’s the best option for a webshop suitable for HTC needs. I tried to signup with my personal account, it all seems to work smoothly. What do you think? How are we going to advance? Would we need a HTC teespring account?

Hi Michele.

I am hesitant. First of all because of the ethical issues, and I just noticed they have 16 (!) trackers on their website. One problem with non-humane tech is that everyone keeps using it (see: I was wrong about Google and Facebook: There is nothing wrong with them).

Am of the opinion that we should give a good example here, and select a more ethical HT candidate, even if that means we do not have the best features. In that case our orders help support them. If they are really good HT-wise we could even consider donating (some of) the ‘profits’ - if there are any - to them and forge a really good partnership relation, get sponsorships/rebates later on.

PS. I saw one of our members post 2 other candidates, but then deleting the message. They were Printful and Printify and I added them to the wiki post.

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Hi Arnold, ok, I’ll keep on searching for more ethical candidates, starting from the two new entries.

I also sent out a request for candidates on Twitter here and on Mastodon here and on our LinkedIn group. Please retweet, like for greater exposure :slight_smile:

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Great design, great idea. When/where can I buy one over here in the UK?


Are we even able to order these yet anywhere?

We are still in the process to find a good candidate among webshops. We don’t have any funding, so the money transaction would be only between the t-shirt buyer and the web shop selling it. This webshop should provide the possibility either to sell the t-shirt with no revenue at all for us (HTC doesn’t hold any bank account) or to give revenues to a charity / no-profit organisation of our choice.

Another technical issue is that this design requires also the sleeves to be part of the printing process, while usually those webshops provide the printing only in the center square of the forepart of the t-shirt. If you have a candidate for a webshop with these requisites, please add it to the list in the wiki post.

Campaign deliverable page updated. Check the open issues in the info (linking to github open issues about this project), to see if there’s something you can help with.

Just posted this on our MeWe page.

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In response to your question, “(Note: We should put “Humane Technology Community” on the back instead of “Centre for Humane Technology”)” - it depends on whether you want to brand the movement, or CHT as an organization. I prefer the movement mindset.


More than a question, it’s a reminder of a thing to do: we can’t brand CHT, even if we would like to. And as you say, it’s better to brand our own movement.


I have been in contact with some ethical clothing designers and will post up what I find when I get a chance.