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The detailed explanation and context rules are described in a Github repository. Here all the work takes place. Github allow artwork files to be uploaded and maintained and participants and other user to have discussion on their activity.

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nivedita (forum)
chandranive (github)
Submitted Gears of the Heart JPEG and EPS
aschrijver (forum)
aschrijver (github)
Submitted The Rise of Yang PNG and SVG
micheleminno (forum)
micheleminno (github)
Participating (none yet)) (none yet)
patm (forum) Participating (none yet)) (none yet)
amandapropaganda (forum)
amandapropaganda (github)
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The first submission is in! It has been created by @nivedita

Gears of the Heart

The beautiful design symbolizes how technology affects our human lives. Technology is everywhere and its impact on our livestyle, behaviours and society as a whole becomes ever larger. Much of this new tech is introduced to us as-is for a singular purpose, without proper attention and consideration of its creators on how it will affect the people that use it.

But by looking at the broader picture - taking the extra effort to look holistically at the implications a new technology, product or service introduction will have - we can create things of true beauty, things of real value. Things that truly touch the heart and make us tick.

Gears of the Heart - Black

Gears of the Heart - White

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The second submission comes from yours truly, @aschrijver.

The Rise of Yang

Our world is moving faster and faster driven by technological advances. Life and lifestyles are changing rapidly as we have to adapt to all this change. In today’s world disruption has become the norm, something to strive for. This is strange, because disruption has a negative connotation.

Inventions are introduced to society without much thought about their implications, the ways in which they affect us as human beings. Our prevalent economic models are solely based on making a profit, and achieving infinite growth. As renegade economist Kate Raworth has so accurately phrased in her book Doughnut Economics “No system in nature grows indefinitely!”. Why then do we strive for this in our day-to-day lives? That is just utterly foolish, and completely irrational!

Its therefore no wonder that we see lots of negative effects in our daily life. Our warped mindset on what constitues economic success is the root cause of many of humanity’s big problems. At the start of the biggest technological revolution ever - a true turning point in human history - it is essential that we wake up and fight the negative forces that are on the rise. And bring our technology to positive use, create things of marvel and beauty. Because that is also within reach!

The design reflects this by using the ancient Chinese Yin and yang symbol, in this case to show the opposite play between good versus evil in the light of tech-related and societal aspects that exist in our world. While Yin is becoming more prevalent in current reality, The efforts of The Center for Humane Technology - together with many, many others - will ensure that, ultimately, the good forces will prevail. Or - to put it in other words - to ensure that Yang is on the rise!

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The third submission has just been uploaded! :smiley: This beautiful T-shirt design is created by @micheleminno

I’m here now

Two T-shirt designs, one in black and one in white background. The person wearing it will show the solution to the problem simply walking and being aware of the world and the people around him/her,
in contrast to what is depicted down on the t-shirt.

People around him/her will be caught by the optical effect of the same person both walking eyes up and sucked on the phone,
and they can realize the augmented value of the person not being on their smartphone, but being there in that moment.

It could also be used as part of a viral campaign, something like #imherenow, coupled with pictures taken by people while being present to themselves and the beauty of the world around them, e.g. this instagram picture.

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