HTC Logo - Ideas

Hello all!
Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people being confused about the difference between HTC and CHT. I think a good way to help correct this would be to have a new logo that is not so similar to CHTs, maybe on that incorporates the pyramids of humane tech that we developed together. I talked with David Jay and he said we could go for it BUT this is up to the community as a whole. What do you guys think?


I have an idea and don’t care for ego credits or whatever if someone else wants to draw the same thing thats cool I have not started drawing it:

It’s a flat screen like a TV on a wall, but there is a live dude smushed up behind the glass all contorted inside like I just wanted to watch the TV not have it grip my whole body inside of itself haha. I was thinking of visually a square logo with the screen in the center and the dude either with his body being encased by the screen like quicksand or he’s already boxed in it like a frog in a jar.