Is this independent from CHT?

Someone recently stated that the “Humane Tech Community” is independent from Center for Humane Technology. However, the logo is almost the same, and they share the same domain.

Can someone explain if these are associated or not?

That someone was the same as me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll copy our discussion from the HTC Matrix chatroom here in response:

The CHT are just fine with us using their forum for CHT. There hasn’t been recent contact, though I really should reach out to David Jay one of these days. But I am thinking of a reboot of sorts for HTC and haven’t made up my mind as to the form that that may take.

First some background. Originally this was CHT’s forum and us members where all excited of the plans that would unfold. When nothing came for a long time I decided to take the initiative and organize HTC. We were very active for a year or so, along the same “triggering a cultural awakening” objective.

That was too broad in scope and also not really worthwhile, so we reorganized with a solution-focus primarily along “pyramids of humane technology”.
I later (Fall 2019) got into contact with CHT and had various calls with Tristan, David, Randima and some other folks. They approved of our grassroots approach and independence. There was never talk about money. They just kept paying the forum subscription. Under NDA I learned about their plans, and the activities you see on now are them unrolling those.
They were inactive to the community because overwhelmed by media and even world leader attention. From their position wrt Big Tech, Big Politics, Big Media a top-down thinktank / lobbying group approach is the obvious way to go.
They are turning that more and more into concrete action. Their strategy is also different than HTC’s: going from the boardroom to the workfloor and bring lasting change to all the tech companies, no matter who they are


So the answer is Yes. The logo likeness stems from the early days, and still has relevance in the sense that we are grassroots & bottom up and CHT is strategic & top down, but we are on the same path towards broad adoption of Humane Technology.


hey, i really appreciate the background. this makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:

I tend to hope there are good, and talented people around here, and I really want to make a difference through buildng better apps