HTC vs representing personal views

A gentle reminder…

While organizing meetups and organizing group projects, we historically do not use HTC name or mission of humane tech living to coerce or challenge other groups, non-profits , or companies in their own mission.

We do good through project work and spreading the word about humane tech living which is spelled out in our awesome homemade pyramid structure. We do not affiliate through any political party or approach or directly challenge the way other non profits or companies operate.

I saw a posting here requesting advice on directly connecting with a US state funded non profit to research why they took funding from Facebook. I personally know this organization is fiercely aware of public harassment laws. With this said, HTC can’t support vetting the manner in which other non profits or companies operate their budget.

Anyways… Please examine your own personal views and those of our very own HTC organization and be aware of when these need to separate.

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I would like some clarification and feedback about this post of @healthyswimmer from other moderators of the forum. Thank you.

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I feel that our code of conduct and contribution guidelines cover nearly all of the discussion that happens on the forum.

We need to discuss this new post and get back to you. Thank you for being patient.


@richard1 according to me your post is licit and right, it expresses your idea, which people can share or not.


@Teodora asked if anyone knew certain researchers. She did not ask members to join her in her effort to find answers. It was clearly an individual action she proposed to take.

If and when someone tries to get us to take group action, we can revisit the matter.