How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Technology - Lecture Ideas/Help

This presentation was an epic hit! All of the girls at the camp loved it and it really got them thinking about their relationship with technology. Thank you everyone for all your ideas and slides! I had someone take a video and will hopefully get that up soon!


Great!! Great news Siddhi!!

It sounds really hard in today’s world, however, it’s not impossible.

Avoid anything that is media, social or not, media can be consumed rarely

It is possible to limit time spent using media, social or not. For example, 25 minutes checking out Facebook (almost a necessity in today’s world), e-mail, and all social things on the Internet. Then go away from your computer. If you can’t stop, you are probably addicted,

Avoid apps unless they are necessary

So if I have a paper planner, should I avoid using calendar app? Or avoid sky map app just because I can go shopping and buy a real one?

Remove all apps from your home screen

How I am supposed to call a person without swiping if I remove the dialer or contacts app? It’s a phone after all! Let’s make an exception for phone apps.

Try to spend time without internet, for example keep your phone on airplane mode for a few days

Sounds nice, although it will prevent phone calls and texts (they don’t use Internet or at least it’s handled by phone carrier). Turning off data and Wi-Fi connection will disable the Internet, effectively changing a smartphone into a dumbphone, which can still receive phone calls and SMS.

Or we can just tell people them to avoid owning smartphones. I strongly agree with this article:

Those digital wellness tips are good for people who don’t know what they are doing (pretty much 95% of Internet users), however, more tech-savvy users will do things like above.


Great points. I kept my post vague intentionally. About unnessesary apps, there is the browser for everything that doesn’t need an app, which by the way is much more secure than apps. As for taking apps off the home screen, you can put them in your launcher or second page. Personally I have just the camera on my home screen.