High schoolers and phone use

With all the attention on social skills and very young adults having problems with connecting without social media or texting WHY is it teenagers still get phones?

One could argue this is a sensitive time to give independence BUT this is different. Until we take a stand for the lifelong social well being of our next generation nothing will change.

Schools are responsible for some of this as kids are learning executive functioning using apps- this causes a dependence of cell phones.

Just wanted to put it out there that high schoolers shouldn’t be on phones either. Let’s not teach our young people life skills on a phone and teach them how to think first- then like other things they can make a choice later on. If they are not taught other skills we are doomed.


Because: 1) their parents want to feel they’re safe; and 2) because teenagers want to get laid (which I use as shorthand for wanting to feel connected with peers, but also in the literal sense).

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I guess I meant on a deeper level if there are known health risks why isn’t anyone doing anything? Like giving flip phones? It’s getting obvious the kids are not really connecting when they wake up in their 20’s one day depressed and wondering where their teen years went.

I’m doing something!
Please help by signing a petition to a Colorado school district!

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