Saving The Magic Of Childhood

Cell phone addiction and radiation take away the magic of our children. Please watch my TEDx Talk to find out more about my research and views. Light On!


@BecomingJesse you are so spot on. We need a serious wake up call in our community.

If this means no cell phones for kids, then this is what should happen.

What is the risk/benefit ratio for kids having screentime? Is it worth the risk?

We are an iPad free no kid cell phone family. Everyone marvels on how captivating my kid is- I’m biased but some of this is no screentime…


I’m so disappointed there isn’t more discussion here. Patsy, it’s clear as an educator you consider it most important to be a role model. I find that is where the magic of childhood is being lost… Children are modeling more and more adult behaviours. They are playing violent video games rated for age 13 when they are 6 or 7. Walmart is selling Fortnite bedsheets marketed for the under 12 age group… This should be strongly opposed by lobby groups, perhaps even legal action.


@QueenBee I see what your saying. Parents need to buck up and take the devices away… it’s too hard to curtail some thing that affects chemicals in the brain like screens. It’s like sugar- some households don’t have it around because the parents know what would happen- their kids would eat too much unhealthy food.

I want to know why no screen households are not encouraged? We ALL know kids are not really “connecting” on screens. This is a social disease, and we shouldn’t wait for whole generation to lose that once in a lifetime window to socialize face to face- to prevent isolation and loneliness and depression- which is detrimental to brain health overall. I could go on and on…

You can only beat your head against the wall so many times…

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As a teenager, I agree with all of you! I don’t think I could go “no screen”, but my parents always limited my computer and phone time, so much so, that now I limit myself with the Moment app. I have many family members and close friends who let their kids play on phones and tablet constantly. My dad had to teach these kids how to climb a tree, and it was very depressing. Kids aren’t going out and DOING stuff. There are tons of ways for families to work together to limit screen time. For example, the Moment app has a mode where the entire family works together towards a screen time goal. There are so many resources people don’t know exist to cope with this problem, and it is getting way too out of hand. Honestly, @healthyswimmer, you are very right in saying “parents need to buck up and take devices away”.

PS: I know this post kind of sounds like a Moment app ad, but I just really love that app.


@sidnya That app sounds great! Can we promote things like this that have proven to decrease screentime for people? Like a favorite list- only things that won’t encourage or introduce screen use- but limit screen time.

It’s just so sad- the playgrounds in San Francisco Bayarea used to be filled with all ages even the random high schooler group of kids. Now everyone is age 6 and below.

I see what you mean about no screen is too hard, but if that’s what it takes to not displace this important development window parents should have that freedom from technology in schools.

Some kids brains can’t handle it. I marvel on how some kids can actually limit their use.