If you could do one thing to reduce children's use of screens, what would it be?


I’m looking at a research project to encourage children to use screens more healthily. Would love your thoughts on, if you could do one thing to reduce children’s use of screens, what would it be? No idea is too big, too small, or too unachievable.

Would you change regulation?
Design screens in a new way?
Literally anything else?

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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I hope my thoughts are helpful.

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Such a wonderfully written and thought-provoking piece! Thank you so much for sharing Sergio.

Thank YOU @rosiephillips for taking some of your precious time to read it.

I am a first generation Internet user… my first computer was a Pentium IV with 256MB RAM (I think…) the Mouse… (+ mousepad) the Modem and so much else! Something happened when big-bad-tech decided to make things so small that we are not able to see where/how we are getting duped. I keep showing and doing things with my daughter where I focus on ONE task at a time. Don’t bring your iPad to the dining table bcoz that is where we eat. Listen to Music. Dance. Play with the Dog, etc are all examples.

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I can say to you that you’re on the right path sticking with doing one thing at a time with your daughter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot!
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My startup Privo Mobile is attempting to address just this problem (or at least a part of it). We’re building a dumb phone designed for kids with a modern user experience and interface. The idea is that parents can keep in touch with their kids without giving them access to the whole internet. We’re launching on Kickstarter in a couple weeks.

There’s an age at which it might make sense for a child to have a phone with basic communication capabilities, and there’s an age at which it might make sense for a child to have a full featured smartphone. We can disagree about what those ages are, but for most kids those are probably different ages. We’re building what we believe is a great solution for that interim period.

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Hi, @ajrice! Welcome to the community!

I wish you the best of luck with your project! I don’t have to mention how important it is to have products like these available in the market.

And if you need someone for customer support that supports humane tech values and knows what addictive design means, please feel free to contact me!

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