Screen learning in schools - advocacy

Hi all, with a group of parents (mostly health professionals and educators), I have built a website - - summarising international research on device use in education looking at benefits and risks, and the impacts on educational outcomes, health and well-being. It includes resources and strategies for parents and teachers who have concerns to take action. It’s NZ based but looks at international literature, and is relevant for other communities. Love to hear thoughts, and I’d appreciate it if anyone can share the info, thank you!

Here’s an article about it: Screens in schools – a closer look at how we’re using digital devices in education


A beautiful website, Julie. Congratulations!

This is a relevant issue worldwide. Thanks JC3.

Lauren Paer, a member of CHT’s Facebook group, posted this link to her interview with Hawaii state legislator Russell Ruderman:

The page has this background information:

New Hawaii bill only one hearing away from becoming law.

The government, on both the state and federal level, has been largely missing in action on the screen time issue in the US. Despite the growing body of research linking excessive screen to a host of harms and surging screen time use for children both in and out of school, the DOH, CDC, DOE and other governmental bodies have been largely silent on the effects of screen time. But new legislation is beginning to pop up. Hawaii State Senator Russell Ruderman joins us to talk about legislation he worked on with host Lauren Paer and introduced in the 2019 session, SB433, which mandates the creation of a public information campaign by the Hawaii DOH on the impact of screen time on children. It has made it through 3 hearings and is just one hearing away from becoming law.


Thanks for the share, it will be interesting to see what happens there in the future, and thank you!

I am very glad you are advocating for this issue. As a student I feel like my education is no longer being enriched by technology, but being taken over by it.