Free e-Book: "Off the Grid: Living Blind Without the Internet"

Recently on the Fediverse I bumped into this post by Robert Kingett, an awarded author and totally blind accessibility advocate (read his bio here, and also notice that the entire website is an exemplar in providing accessibility for screenreaders). In the post Robert announces his new book:

The book is licensed under a Creative Commons license, and I encourage you to read Robert’s motivation on why the book is free.

Now I am as eternally distracted as Robert was in 2013 - the time when he meticulously journaled his offline experiences - so I haven’t dug in the book. But I have read the start of it, and it is well-written and enticing the reader to learn more. As a blind person Robert is much more aware of all kinds of details about the impact of the internet on our daily lives, than the average person. And this provides a unique perspective.

If you like the book it would be wonderful if you wrote a review for it, like on SmashWords, or - if you are adventurous - on the new Bookwyrm Social Reading and Reviewing platform, that is also part of the Fediverse (it is a decentralized alternative to the Amazon-owned Goodreads website).