We can write our way out of this jam!

Hey folks!

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has had a really wild ride these past few years. We are, each in our own way, vanguards on the edge of a huge and powerful movement. We must support and strengthen each other. We must remain united.

Anyway, I have recently become energized and inspired by our growing community of activists, deep-thinkers, and Savers-of-the-future-of-the-intenet. Writing is a beautiful form of activism.

Here’s a plug for something I recently wrote, and some awesome stuff from a few of my favorite movers and shakers amongst our ranks.

Bill Loundy (That’s me!) on my personal blog: Readup / Direct link
Jay Vidyarthi, The Attention Activist / @jayvidyarthi : Readup / Direct link
David Cain : Readup / Direct link
Kelly Barrett : Readup / Direct link

What are you reading and loving these days?

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I’m subscribed to Medium. All my reading is archived in my Library free to browse with no ads or tracking.

Do you mind explaining what the difference is between Readup and Goodreads?

Also: books that I have enjoyed recently is the Aldous Huxley biography by Nicholas Murray as it has one desire to pursue the “truth” through reading incessantly, writing, talking and learning with others.

Another book I am currently digging through is “Addiction By Design” by Natasha Dow Schull which is a truly incredible anthropological look at machine gambling in Vegas. It makes one wonder just how many of the design principles (usually addictive) that Big Tech companies have utilized inspired by Vegas.

Cheers sir,

Adam Bartley

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Goodreads is a community for people to connect about books they’ve read.

Readup is an independent, alternative social media platform, built by and for people who love to read things (articles/stories/news) online. Readup helps you focus (by removing all ads and distractions) and connects you with other readers. Unlike all other social media platforms, there’s no liking or sharing. Instead, people “upvote” things by really (actually) reading things.

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Crazy. Huxley has been following me around recently. He wrote the Introduction to an old version of the Bhagavad Gita that I have - it’s incredible.

Wow! I am so glad to know Readup exists, just jumped on that. This is my kind of social network :partying_face: I started digging into the platform and am so delighted.

For me, I get so many good reads from the Dense Discovery newsletter, and my Medium is starting to understand what I want to see in my suggested.

In the paper world… I’m late to the party reading “Hackers & Painters” by Paul Graham and have been amused by how prescient some of his predictions were. Some parts are a little bristling for a feminist but I have given those bits a pass given the era & echo chamber it was written in.

Another I’m halfway in is This Could Be Our Future by Yancey Strickler. It is a look at how our values drive us and what it could look like if we shifted away from values that are mostly money-based. It’s a bit Eutopian but an interesting read.

And since I realized I need more IRL interactions Get Together by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh & Kai Elmer Sotto was a great exploration of how to build self-sustaining communities around a cause you’re passionate about. Plus the book is total design porn, it’s beautifully done.

I see a few reads on here I’ve been wanting to check out, especially Addiction by Design. I’m going to have to push that one up my wishlist and get it sooner!

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So glad I just found this comment!! :slight_smile:

How was This Could Be Our Future? I’ve been wanting to read it and I’m surprised I haven’t bumped into it yet since I’m in bookstores and libraries basically every day.

Great article. Thanks for sharing such insight. It is refreshing to meet others with similar views.

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Thanks so much! Welcome to the forums!