Free bed time reading / every night this week

Dear all,
To ease a bit our confinement, I will be reading extracts from my bestselling book Homo Distractus every night for half an hour for free to all distracted and stressed adults this week. 10pm CET/9pm UK time/4pm NYC time/1pm West Coast
The book talks about our relationship with tech, and how to find a balance between online and offline lives. It’s free, you need to register to get the link to broadcasting (and totally wear pijamas :))
Here’s a bit more about the idea :slight_smile:


Hi, I am in India. How do I get your book.
I checked Amazon.
It is not availalbe.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


The book exists on a better place than Amazon :wink:

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It exists in an even better place now :)) :slight_smile:

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Dear all, tonight and all remaining nights this week I am reading our loud my book Homo Distractus for free. It’s the book about finding the balance in the digital age based on my personal story that was crowdfunded and became a bestseller. This is what it is like to listen to it - like a radio, no effort from you, just grab your tea, stretch your feet and relax. Every night 9pm UK time/10pm CET this week. Feel free to join!