France Chapter / Meetups

For people in France to meet IRL.
I’m from Rennes, but often in Paris

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Won’t be in Paris for some time though, so just following.

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Hi There,
I’m living in Lille, so only 2 hours from Paris :slight_smile:
I think if meetups do happen to be organized in France, our meeting point should be Paris. It is much more convenient for everyone.

Bonjour à tous! I’m very interested to follow any activities of the France chapter and participate if I can. I am willing to travel to Paris. I live in the Corrèze.

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Hi all, I’m living in Paris and would be interested to attend a meet up!

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Paris too! And also interested

Hi ! I live in Paris and Very interested in TWS work. Would be handsome to meet one of these days in Paris. Create a doodle for march and april ??


Hi, I also live in Paris, so would be interested by a meet-up! :slight_smile:


Hi ! I also live in Paris and am very interested by a meet-up !!!

Bon, je ne sais pas s’il faut qu’on passe au français pour l’organisation d’un meet-up ou qu’on reste en anglais.
Je vois en tout cas qu’il y a pas mal d’intéressés ce qui est une bonne chose.
Il faudrait donc que l’on discute de la manière dont on va planifier ce meet-up.
On a déjà la ville : Paris
Maintenant, il nous reste la chose la plus fun à faire :
Sous quelle forme cela doit-il se passer, la date, ainsi que la durée de l’événement.
Est-ce que ca serait uniquement un rencontre dans un café ou une journée entière, ou encore un week-end à thèmes avec des discussions et des sorties organisées?
Qu’en pensez-vous? Tout est possible!

Hi everyone !
Thanks for all the good vibes.
Quite interested in the topic, i’d love to meet you as well.
Is there already a meetup group in paris ? (a simple research wasn’t successful)
I could create one!
And about the date the first meeting… let’s doodle !

It can begin with presentations of us, motivations, sharing ideas to organize ourselves and act!
And of course, beers.

Concerning the language we should use, I’d suggest that at the meetup we vote for either turning to french or switching to english (so depending well on the attendees).
E.g. if there are some non english speakers, it will be better to keep french for sure
But otherwise, it’s better to stick to english as it’s more open for involving 1) foreigners passing by 2) sharing our advances with the rest of the community

See ya !
Happy to spend my time with you guys

Yes ! We are now 2 available a two dates : April2nd and 9th, at 8:30pm
(thanks to @valere!!)

Any other interested folk?


Yes :raising_hand_woman:t4:‍♀️ Just voted for April 9, 8.30.

Perfect, we’re 4 now for April 9 at 8:30pm :raised_hands:t3:
It’s already a sufficient number to initiate something!

I suggest that we settle the time on friday (so probably April 9, unless votes are flooding for another time :sweat_smile:), i’ll then create a meetup that we could share also in the FB group: we may attract some more people.

Have a great week!

Interested too for a meetup at the suggested time and date. Can you keep me in the loop? Thanks!

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So great! With you @fugue, we’re going to be at least 5 of us.

I’m wondering where we could meet - am asking the place where i’am working for, it should be ok and the place is really central in Paris,(and TechForGood oriented) : Liberté-Living-Lab near Strasbourg Saint Denis
Although we could just pick a random bar near Chatelet.

I’m working on creating the Meetup group (i’ll launch it monday i guess)
I wanted the description of it to be collaborative so that we all agree, and are on the same page. Even if it’s basics, it shows our spirit and values!

Feel free then to read and comment / edit the first draft i made here

And i’ll post the result gathering your remarks on Monday
(if there is a debate we could discuss, but it shouldn’t be too risky to say that at this stage we will all agree easily on a text)

Cheers !

Il me semble qu’il y a grève de la sncf le 9 :confused:

Aoutch c’est vrai, bien vu

le 11 il n’y pas de grève, le lundi d’après non plus (le 16), que j’ai rajouté au Doodle - que je remets ici.

Maybe we can change if it enables more of us to be there!

@Mathilde & @LaurenL can you make it April 16th ? That’d be awesome

@cyrilou sad that not a single moment is possible for you - or maybe you can suggest at least another one?

Best all :slight_smile: we’re going to make it happen!

Hi! Yes, April 16 is great.