EngageMode - a Team approach to Reducing Smartphone Distraction

Hello all! I’m Jesse Hercules, CEO of Extracon Science. We’ve been working in corporate wellness for a decade, using the power of data to help people change habits around physical activity, healthy eating, and biometrics.

Our new product is EngageMode. It uses points, challenges, teams, gamification and rewards to help participants reduce smartphone distraction at work and school. We think the same tools and social approach that worked for Fitbit programs will work for smartphone screen time.

Our experience has been that individual tools don’t have the “stickiness” that comes with rolling out a solution across a whole organization with positive peer pressure. Employers and schools are also able to do more with communications and incentives - they can put prizes and even real dollars behind participation.

For community members: if you’d like to try EngageMode at your workplace or school, let’s talk about a pilot program! Or, if you can use EngageMode within your project as a data source or tool… let’s talk about how we can help each other.

Learn more at www.engagemode.com

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We were interviewed on CBS’ “Live at 9” recently - here’s the 4-minute interview:

We were featured in the local Business Journal this week. I think the future is bright for services to help people get control of their screen time.