Distraction-Free App / Dedicated-Time w/Friends App

We need an app on our phone that allows us to functionally shut off select apps for a specified period of time.


  • Friends are coming over to hang for a few hours. I open app, select “Don’t Interrupt” and time interval of “3 hours” to effectively turn off all social apps (and/or more).
  • You wanna do some yoga or a workout and don’t wanna be “tempted” to document your activities to the world.

Wins: Encourages people to focus on being present with who’s sharing space with them in that moment.

Other ideas:

  • the app could capture other users who are in your network and ask if you’d all like to “shut your phones off” while you’re hanging out. Adding some social healthy pressure to disengage with tech and commit to being present in with those around you.
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There is this app, forest https://www.forestapp.cc/en/
When you need to focus, you plant a tree, you choose how long you need to focus. Then the app will be in foreground with the tree growing. If you switch to another app, the tree will die :slight_smile:
After some time you can see how many trees you have in your Forest