Please give me feedback on my App! (list)

Add to this thread if you are designing an app to preserve attention or make good use of your users time, and want feedback and user testing from this community.

If you want detailed use testing and review, consider paying your testers for their time.


Hi all,

I introduced myself here, and as I mentioned I created an app called Flipd which can help you spend time away from your phone. If you are looking to change your relationship with your devices I would recommend you give us a try. Check out the Light lock or the Full lock (if you really need some help).

Please feel free to share your feedback here -


Great to see other app developers developing for time well spent! I’d like to share Tonight, an app that eliminates endless messaging and send matches on real-life dates right away instead. Instead of texting back and forth and often not even meeting up, just sign up by 6 pm any day you’re free for a date that night. You still choose (based on profiles) who you’re willing to meet up with, and then app sets you up with the person, time, and conveniently located bar or cafe. We’ve just launched and I’d love to see your participation and hear your feedback! eve (at) thetonightapp (dot) com.


I’ve moved these posts to the Collaborations category! If you’re posting about your own app, and looking for testing and feedback, please keep those discussions here.

Siempo is an Android Home app that turns your phone into a more intentional and less distracting experience. The beta version of Siempo replaces the home screen with a calmer interface and creates distance from engaging apps. We’re attacking the root cause.

Sign up at for access, and feel free to share feedback with! the app is already changing lives, and we have a big release coming in the next few weeks.

I work on a free video walkie-talkie app called Marco Polo. I’m a researcher and users report frequently about how much it’s preferred as a way to communicate with people because it’s face-to-face, personal, and direct, not broadcast-y or devoid of emotional context. It sounds basic but for people becoming increasingly disconnected, both as a result of shifts in lifestyle (more people living alone, living away from family or old friends, spending time alone in cars) and social media use, loneliness is a health epidemic as well as a contributor to cultural and societal maladies. Would love your feedback if you are a user!

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I wish I came across you when I was producing the film Electronic Crack film. Would love to have featured you and your app in our film.

I’m trying it now on my new phone. Thanks for working on this. Is there a public place to post issues & feature reqs, other than email?

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APEO is a free web app which allows anyone to quickly create a stylish, one-question poll like this and share to any chat or social platform
Results are anonymous

This way you can make quick, democratic decisions and gather insights in groups and communities without all the chatter and endless discussion

We’re here -

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We’re live! We’ve created an app to crowdsource ideas for social impact. It makes ‘doing good’ as easy as picking up your phone! The app works by adding your ideas and voting on other contributions. The best ideas rise to the top and become feasible solutions. And we’ll enact the winning solution!

Our first mission is for the Plastic Pollution Coalition: How do we get supermarkets to use less plastic?
You can watch a short promo video of why this is an important mission (20k views already!).

Then download the free App here and have a play, it’s good fun!
Takes one minute to sign up. We’ll do one Mission each month as voted by you.
Thank you very much and looking forward to having your beautiful brain in the mix!

Jeremy Agnew
Alone we are a drop, together an ocean.

This is a great idea! I love that it’s anonymous and can be posted to social media channels. Do the people who reply then have to go to apeo or does the reply happen from whichever platform the poll has been posted in?
I’d be really interested to use this in gathering info from citizens on what mission we should solve next. Please email me Jony!

Your link seems to be broken. :frowning:

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Jeremy thanks a lot
My pleasure

Just sent an email



Thanks for your encouraging words! You can join our Slack Community here :slight_smile:

My son and I made this app,, over mid-winter break (last week). I’m on the board of a VR company and in someways it was to help people working in VR to not feel the need to come out of VR to check their email.

Similar to Slack’s do not disturb feature, or iOS 11’s do not disturb while driving feature, Outrigger enlists an email sender’s help to decide if the recipient should be notified. It does this by sending an automatic Out of Office reply with a button that, if pressed, triggers a non-email notification (currently Telegram, with Slack, SMS and phone calls coming next).

On the roadmap is machine learning to help determine which messages/senders should be given the option to trigger a notification, and also calendar awareness so the notifications arrive at the right times.

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Vimana screen time management - Parenting in the Digital World

If you’re on this discussion forum, you know the impact technology is having on our children and their wellbeing. Vimana is a company setting out to solve the epidemic that is screen addiction. We are parents who are tired of seeing our kids glued to their devices, as they wait for their next notification.

Check out our just funded Indiegogo campaign: Vimana Family

We want to hear what you think, please share your feedback!

Sunny Jaswal

Hi everyone,

Would love some thoughts and feedback on the website for Join - an App that Brings People Together, over Shared Interests, Offline.

And Join at Work - same concept, but a platform to connect employees better socially at work (organically, offline), to help companies improve employee engagement and retention (and more).

The app isn’t live just yet, and we’re wanting to implement some more Humane Design Principals in it, but it’s the next generation of a live app we have already built - PartyWith (Join for Nightlife). Anyway, all explained on the Join website.

Let me know what you think.



Will take a look this weekend…

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I am humbled to find a community that is fighting exactly the fight that I describe in my storyworld.
I have developed a platform to calmly augmented the reading experience of paper book. It’s about using Machine Learning to enhance the contemplative & Immersive qualities of cinema with Live Narration. Think of a film where you are the narrator. So many ideas to emerge from this community when I launch my platform in september. I will try to make sure I invite the creative storyteller of a calmer world to join in.

Yours truly!
Jonathan Bélisle

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Hi there! @michaelvparlato and I launched an app called Gnothi to increase awareness around your phone usage. Similar to Moment, but for Android and there are a couple of goal-setting / coaching features to help you stay on track.

Check out our website to find out more , or feel free to direct download:


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