Dunbar - contact app that helps you take charge of you relationships

Dunbar integrates with all your communication-apps and raises your awareness about how, with who, and about what you communicate. It helps you organize your network for more quality relationships and calm. No more fomo.

Currently, the app is INVITE ONLY. You can enter the app with this code: HT1386

Let me know what you think!

HAha I don’t need an app to tel me.

outgoing is calls and text me to my mom only that direction hahaha.

incoming is spam


There is a thing like this made by MIT they sold it to a private site and moved on from it but they called it Immersion (idk what the new version is called).

It was from email but you can do the same thing with your texts if you have a post paid phone plan and the carrier logs the metadata with your bill.

Basically MIT’s idea was to plot the relationships on a movable idk what you call it but arrangment of dots and lines floating like a molecule in science class. The bigger the dot’s diameter, the more times you communicated with them.

Lines connect the dots who speak to one another and how often is displayed as line thickness. Each group of people is a different color (family, work, sales emails, etc).

It was astounding and they do it all with a few peices of metadata from the headers not even subject line.

The purpose was to give the common person a sense of PRISM and what it is to look at this in real time it is horrifying to see and imagine inany authority figure let alone all of them.

I think this is pretty much an advert

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