Social app to stay connected in real life

Hey, we’re college students in Colorado developing a social app that blurs your friends posts when you haven’t talked to them in real life for a few weeks. The aim is to keep you better in touch with your close friends by having quality interactions outside the screen.

We created this landing page, we’d love to hear your feedback. A lot of the students we talked to say they love the idea.

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I am working with Sido on this project, and we would love to answer questions any of you may have. Thanks!

Welcome to our community!

Site (and app) looks nice on first glance, but - especially since you with Kickoff Labs are in the business of viral referral marketing - your ReelFriends site should have a clear Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Saying “We respect your privacy!” in small text just doesn’t cut it.

Your position also makes me suspect that at some point you’ll want to connect Kickoff services with the app, or at least harvest the valuable information on what constitutes my close circle of friends and family. Would be nice to know more about your future revenue model.

Edit: Maybe I misinterpreted. Could you explain ‘Powered by Kickoff Labs’?

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your feedback. As a product centered around never selling users attention or data, we should spell out privacy policy clearly. We will add that to the page. The goal of the page is to gauge user interest by having them sign up and we’re only collecting emails.

We’re using kickoff labs as a host provider for the landing page and do not intend to connect it to the actual app.

We are exploring the slack business model, where post history is available only for limited time (60 days for example) with a subscription that would unlock old posts and provide more storage.

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I’ve signed up for early access. I’m looking forward to seeing how this project develops.


Great, I see you have done that already :slight_smile:

Note that for analytics you do not have to include a 3rd-party. See our Awesome Humane Tech list for 12 self-hosted alternatives to Google Analytics (stay away from those monopolists :wink: ).

I have some more feedback.

  • I initially looked at your site via my Android (Firefox) and only later on my laptop (Ubuntu / Firefox). On mobile your layout looks cluttered and images too large. I’d advise you to tweak it, so it looks better UX-wise (lil’sail site looks fine). Here is a screenshot:

  • Both on this site and the lil’sail site I found a lot of typo’s and grammar errors, which you should really fix.

  • I would not use FB-like icons (which are images, which on my PC browser did not always load, and one is purple, the other is black. On mobile they are both purple). It distracts, and you are probably not allowed to use them anyway like this (trademarked).

  • Do not use acronyms such as IG, SC, etc. Write the whole word.

  • “ReelFriends is where you go to be understood not entertained” is not visible on mobile (maybe intentional)

  • I’d consider swapping the Stay in Touch and Do More Together sections. Also swapping the lil’sail and ReelFriends bullet list (last paragraph).

I am no social networker (except Mastodon for this community), so ReelFriends is not for me, but I think if done well it looks promising and can be monetized.

Lil’sail for me is more interesting. Very nice concept potentially (still light on the details). Note that it has typo’s too, including misspelling of ReelFriends in the screenshot.

(In the ‘proof FB is bad’ section you might add the recent article Top Economists Study What Happens When You Stop Using Facebook (featured on HN))

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I really like the idea at the heart of this. Super original. Congrats! I hope you get far.


Thank you Arnold this is more than we hoped for. Going back and fixing as much as we could before we do a Show HN tomorrow to gauge the Hacker News community interest.

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Pls give a shout here after you post the Show HN and I’ll toot it to the Fediverse :slight_smile:

Wonderful Idea, well done!

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That sounds awesome. We’ll have the post up in about 4.30 hours from now, at 12.30pm MST. We want post also on Reddit, do you know subreddits that would be most receptive to the idea?

Nope, I’m not a real Reddit reader.

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It took a while for hacker news to show our post :slight_smile: but it’s up now

Saw it :slight_smile:

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That’s fantastic! Thank you! :slight_smile:

We’re averaging 5% conversion rate on traffic we’re driving to our landing page, that’s a good sign I believe :slightly_smiling_face: We posted to hacker News and Indie Hackers:

Nice feedback on Indie Hackers :+1:

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