Join Screenfree week now- April 29- May 5! Brick-mode

Join me for screen free week- starts today April 29th.

Screenfree week can be exercised many different ways - depending on the person and your immediate needs you may hang up the phone or just take a break for an hour… Some people need to plan ahead for screenfree time- and that’s ok!! The point of disconnecting from devices is to give perspective on how life can be without being plugged in.

How will this look for you?

Here is a tip to help turn off- you can auto message people saying you are not available by phone. It’s called “brick mode”.

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Nice! Good idea, but like with diets the best solution is a permanent lifestyle change.

With permanent lifestyle change, it’s possible to tell everyone you want to be in contact with that your phone isn’t on or connected to the network all the time, and the limited number of ways they can actually reach you if needed. That way there is no need to set up an away message.

@Free this is intended to get people started.

This is not all or nothing.

Baby steps :baby_bottle: for all, nobody can change overnight. For some a total lifestyle change will cause stress.

One day at a time…

I’ll add with some doctors or school administrators who get hundreds of texts per day from different people this will never be possible-

We need to stay on track and be small at first. Shooting for moon will only only failure and relapse. The point here is a learning experience…

Anything is possible with lifestyle change. If that is the case, they can refuse to work under such ridiculous conditions. I would not want to go to a doctor or a school where the workers are subject to these kinds of maddening conditions, not just for their own sanity but also for the quality of services they can possibly provide in such a diminished state of existence. If their work is in itself unhealthy, how can they possibly provide good medical care and education to other humans beings? If a diminished state of existence is the only option in their field of work, they should find another. This is lifestyle change.

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@Free all great thoughts fir discussion in another thread.

This brick grassroots movement has tools to unplug is a brilliant start.

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