Portland March 12: Social Interaction in the World of Social Media, Screens, and Smartphones

Super excited to announce this upcoming meetup! If you are interested in how technology is affecting your brain, please join us.

Does using Facebook leave you lonely? Is staying in touch your family via Skype a mood-booster? How is sleep quality after screen time on your smartphone? In this presentation, Dr. Alan Teo, a physician and researcher at OHSU, will take a tour of selected highlights from his own research and the broader medical literature. Practical tips on how to promote mental wellness in the midst of our technological lives will be included.

This will be in Portland next month- I hope to do similar things in NY and SF Bay area eventually.

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Cant wait for this to come to SF

Sounds fantastic - I hope you’ll considering doing something like this in the DC area at some point.

Nice, @laurex. I created a Tweet about it here (pls share for visibility).