Designing for Trust: Three action-oriented playbooks

Greater Than X, a company based on the premise that “The way we design products and services is broken” has developed a specialty in Data Trust by Design (Watch their intro a MobX Conference 2017: It’s time to design for trust!).

What Designing for Trust means can be read in this article by founder Nathan Kinch:

Greater Than X have developed three in-depth playbooks applying best-practices to Design for Trust:

  • Data-Trust-by-Design_2019.pdf
  • Designing_for_Trust_The_Data_Transparency_Playbook (Second_Edition).pdf
  • Rebuilding_Trust_in_Financial_Services_(FirstEdition) 2.pdf

The three PDF’s can be downloaded here (as a zip-file on Google Drive).

PS. I will add this resource to delightful humane design.


These are pretty solid playbooks. There is another one we published last year on the back of work we led on the CX Guidelines for the Consumer Data Right in Australia. Relevant to the humane tech community. You can :point_right:download via this link:point_left:

The core learning streams we have coming up on our platform turn much of what is in these playbooks into practical and action oriented learning. Would really love to collaborate with the humane tech community moving forward.


This is indeed yet another great resource @m3me! Thank you very much for posting, and welcome to the Humane Tech Community :blush:

Thank you! this is fantastic

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