CHT Artwork & Goodies Contest - General discussion

It would be fantastic if we’d have some apparel, pieces of clothing with beautiful CHT artwork on it, to attract attention to Humane Technology and our great community!


It would be fantastic if we’d have some apparel, pieces of clothing with beautiful CHT artwork on it, to attract attention to Humane Technology and our great community! Therefore I propose we launch:

The CHT Artwork & Apparel Contest

Which great things of beauty and power can we come up with to show our commitment to Humane Tech, and make others aware of our cause?

Activism alert: Help design CHT Artwork :statue_of_liberty: that conveys our Mission

Are you a graphic designer? Do you have ideas for artwork and great slogans? Then chime in, and join the contest.

Create some artwork, or sketches and add them to this topic. The final artwork that gets the most likes is the winner of the contest. But any of your contributions can be used in our awareness campaigns, and are greatly valued!

This community is still rather small, but I expect it to grow significantly in the near future. You might get some real attention for your art, maybe even become famous! :smiley: :wink:

Licensing, copyright and attribution

As in all original work you automatically retain the copyright. In addition I suggest you select an appropriate license for your work. Though not required I suggest you select a public domain creativecommons license.

A good license would be Creative Commons for Non-Commercial use, and either with or without Attribution requirement. Use this handy tool to find the best option.

What compelling prose and symbolism is most appropriate to help us reach our goals?

Activism alert: Brainstorm for powerful Symbols :peace_symbol:, Slogans, and Hashtags

I challenge all of you to come up with best, most gripping slogans and symbols, as well as hashtags to use in social media awareness campaigns. Slogans that convey the urgency of our mission, or are just really funny… everything that draws the right attention.

I’ll pose the first idea for a hashtag, but I am sure you are much more creative than me :slight_smile:

#MUSE #OnceMore

Make Us Socially Engage Once More! Join The Center for Humane Technology Now!

How can we make our wonderful creations available to members and the wider public?

Activism alert: Help find a low-cost solution to create and offer CHT Apparel :tshirt:

I know there are many great companies that print T-shirts and the like at low-cost and have great online tools as well as webshops to make this really easy. Your help is needed to select the best one! Let’s try to find the one that complies best to Humane Tech principles and reward them with our patronage :blush:

The requirements are:

  • Low-cost - in production as well as sales prices (but humanely produced)
  • World-wide delivery - our (current and future) members are everywhere!
  • Easy-to-use - preferably a DIY web app where you can bring all things together easily

(Note: Do not use this to advertise arbitrary products and services. Be serious on this!)

How can we best reward your great suggestions and contributions?

Activism alert: Brainstorm for and Donate nice Prizes :trophy: for contest Winners

To make this contest really interesting and competitive (in a good way) it would be fantastic if we could come up with some nice prizes for the winners and 2nd + 3rd places in each of the above activism categories. Do you have an idea? Are you prepared to donate a nice gift or gimmick? Then chime in!

The prizes should probably constitute something digital, because the winners can be from anywhere on our great planet. On the other hand a real-world artifact would be most fitting to CHT.

So unleash your creativity! Let’s have some fun, everyone!


Note 1: I’m not affiliated to CHT organization, just a moderator. This initiative should be entirely grassroots, without disturbing the CHT employees from their important work!

Note 2: With 4 separate activism alerts this thread may get messy, so please stay on-topic! If this thread gets too long, unwieldy, I may create a Github repository for it to coordinate our work (Github will be part of the official CHT toolset, when that becomes available, and I can then transfer the repo if needed).

Note 3: The contest remains open as long as needed, depending on participation. An end date that we all agree upon will be announced some time in the future.

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This is wonderful, @aschrijver! Thank you for turning my little post into something amazing.

I am happy to donate prizes. I have a small business and would be happy to donate services. Alternatively, I can ask my boss at my day job if we can donate copies of our journal. These might not be the sorts of prizes you were thinking of, so no problem if this offer is not taken :slight_smile:

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@patm I had to edit your original message which triggered the idea for the contest, in order to have the pinned topic to display correctly. Here it is copied:

@patm wrote: This post has no utility. I just wanted to share this image with the women of this community.

Many thanks, Arnold <3

A refreshing idea, Pat :slight_smile: I would love some beautiful stickers, for instance, to pass out to people whose ears perk up at the mention of this network. Something both easy on the eyes and a reminder of how to find us.

For symbols, we could try to cover a spread of concepts related to humane tech: attention-preserving, cognition-enhancing, self-limiting, tied to physical interaction…

For licensing, I recommend CC-BY (or PD) for any official contests: that makes reuse as easy as possible across the community.

For gear: something one sees often when using one’s phone would be a particularly nice reminder-in-place. Design applied to a charging cable, or phone-handle.

For posters: shortrunposters is $3-4 for top-quality posters.

For apparel: I have used Redbubble in the past, for scarves and shirts. Once you’ve uploaded a design, they are good about small-batch orders.

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The creativity gears are turning. I hope to have a few things to suggest soon. Also, I was thinking of PSAs (public service announcements). I used to write these a long time ago for a local public television station. Can I upload an audio file? I will try tomorrow. More soon…

Hi Pat

I am Nivedita, UX designer from India. I have been following the works of Tristan Harris for quite a while and am a huge believer in Designing with a Conscience. I would love to contribute in any ways possible to this unique (and unfortunately still small) community.
I came up with this design, after reading your post about artworks for CHT.



Wow, this is gorgeous!

What about something like that (just sketching)?


Wow, that is radical <3

I would love to share the source files if you need it. Please feel free to drop me a note at

Thank you, Nivedita! It would be great if there could be a place–perhaps not here, but at some related site–where artists inspired by CHT principles could display their work.

Administrators, are you listening? :slight_smile:

Hi @patm and @nivedita,

I will create a Github repository where artwork can be uploaded (as I described I would do in the contest description above). In the repository you can upload your work and describe licensing and attribution requirements. (note: You should also take care to add these in file and image metadata, to indicate proper usage and attribution).

Nivedita, I love :heart: your artwork, and would like to use it in a CHT poster design to hang at the Technical University Delft to attract students to the MIT hackathon that @metasj announced.

Also I would like to convert it to SVG and - if I find the time - animate it (I thought of having the gears pop up like a flower field until the heart shape is complete). But I am no UX’er :slight_smile:

But I also have some feedback:

  • The current design works against a black background, but that is less appropriate for sending to a printer (ink use, etc.).
  • Having a white background, and maybe red gears on the outside, and some other color on the inside is better in that respect.
  • Maybe we can do something with the symbolism of the colors as well (your original concept has that as well… the light in the dark, then technology, empathy and love in the symbolism).

Wow, sounds really good. Thank you, Arnold!

Hi Michele,

Though still a rough sketch, this could be a powerful statement to wear! Its mostly on the topic of smartphone addiction and the social erosion caused by it, am I right?

I like the person on the front hanging over the smartphone. Just brainstorming…

It could be further enhanced by having ‘influences’ (in the form of symbols, or something) streaming into it from below. Would be nice if on the front it showed the problem, and on the back the solution, maybe with a powerful hashtag.

@patm came up with the slogan “Concerned, aware, involved!” that could be below and I had the idea of hashtag #MUSE #OnceMore (Make Us Socially Engage Once More).
Maybe on the back it can be combined with the heart symbol @nivedita has created?

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Thanks aschrijver… Will take your suggestions and modify it. Please do let me know the GitHub repo when you create it. Please feel free to use the design wherever required.

No need to modify it… We can have both a black and a white background version, that would be great :slight_smile:

I have created the repository and will continue to configure it and create README’s with instructions, etc. (but please bear with me a bit on that… I am on CET and its now 8pm :wink: )

edit: I will configure the repository further tomorrow. @metasj I have created a directory cht-official for any existing artwork that can be used in the contest (if you are able to provide it). Note: just like said above, this repo can be transferred to CHT org later. I will also mention that in the README.


Yes thank you, how I thought it is that the person wearing it will show the solution simply walking and being aware of the world and the people around him/her, in contrast to what is depicted down on the t-shirt. People around him/her will be catched by the optical effect of the same person both walking eyes up and sucked on the phone, and they can realize the augmented value of the person not being on their smartphone.