Campaign : Reconnect Project

We want people to go on their devices less and experience more! Why don’t we create a thread where people can share the productive/creative/human things they have accomplished while they reduce their device time for a week. We can call it the “Reconnect Project”. Just good productive sharing. on other platforms we can share it as #projectreconnect

Is this something you would be interested in @ssreynolds or @brian?


Siddhi, you Genius I a b s o l u t e l y agree!
But there one tiny pinch of salt I’d like to add in early… into the pan, before we start cooking…

Would you allow me - as your humble self-assigned dough preparer at the pyramid valleys - to change the flavour a bit, and tweak recipe somewhat? My songs at the stirring pots and cooking stoves and passings-by at night along the worker cohorts of the HTC Building Camps would be so much merrier if all of you - my dear friends collected here - made this project entirely about yourselves. Your own tales of true craftsmanship and pyramid geometry plus architecture.

I love to hear the community side, the heroics and poetry of being together at night in small,.warm circles of light in these vast - now cold - deserts, far off lands and visions. The arcane wisdom in all that sand, crackling with the dormant whispers of unknown mysterious magic… Ancient magic!! And that now is stirring right below our feet!

Make this about us, Siddhi! About us. All these good fellows over here in the camps, peering into the stars. This project should be titled by you too and your lore collected into Saga’s and spread about. Free Scrolls and tiny scribblings on Perkament Paper - CC0-licensed - to be had on request or as an earned piece of Property for hard labour at the base of the elusive Pyramid of Freedom - the most mysterious one - as we all well know…

I will add some more scribblings here the coming days as I set up shop the coming 3 months of my job vacation - first learning how to rest, then how to watch and listen, make small notes, value the fruits of the simple life. Being mostly in Delft writing stories of delight and new adventures for on the shelves of Pat’s bookshop that is slowly adding more crates of wisdom to categorize. An for her to decide how publish on her own initiative. See her small announcement signs at the cohort fires.

And you Siddhi, were the one - that sweet, bright star from the future, the next generation - whom I never met, only ever exhanged online chat with, You Inspired Me To Be My True Self! You brought first light to my telescope and showing the Universe is truly vast and time is only dilated and space can be warpe …

I now know my dream life, my purpose in life is to be in at least two roles always: Learner and Author, as my surname implies in Dutch word “Schrijver”, so finally honoring my humble forebears here,

Am I eternally greatful to you, and I solemny swear to always be your humble Mentor in life :pray:

Summary of my community roles

For the community this means I will continue to do the boring stuff :wink: :smile:
My continued involvement, albeit on casual passings by from now, giving a tap on the shoulder, a nudge and a tease means the following for community organization:

My list of current roles:

  • independent content creator
  • voluntary content strategist
  • small game plot designer
  • motivational coach
  • self-publisher of books
  • ethics fanatic
  • non-profit promoter
  • … and many more small roles

At many times my involvement here will be small and even tiny. This may be for months in a row. But I will always have my full attention here, and your Humane Tech vision here. Hence I also have the default roles of each and every one of you: humane tech activist, and pyramid builder.

My name is not important, you know who I am right now. So I will adopt a nickname now that is an alias for ‘divided but honest attention’ and it is: omnipresent as I will be al over the place.

CU later, fine community members, because now I am off to bed again, as it is 5am and I wanna rise and shine tomorrow freshly, as I have my kind and friendly Social Security adviser at UWV Den Haag to show my thanks and gratitude and attribute to her my research finding that gentle and friendly nudges work way better than putting on people in need more of the serious pressure they already experience in their short lives :sunny:

I am from now on in Deep Focus mode, so please no disturbance! I will just either nugge you or reach you.

Exit 0 - startMode("sleep && relaxation")

zzzzzzzzzz :sleeping:


For whoever ends up interested in this when you post you can :
1) Give a short description of what you did
2) Add a picture of it if you like
3) Explain what it allowed you to do/ what it made you feel

I will start things off I suppose.
This week instead of going on my phone I doodled on the same peice of paper for a week (this was actually recommended to me by @healthyswimmer some time ago, not sure if she recalls that :wink:). It allowed me to relive stress and stay more focused on my school work. I realized that I go on my phone when I want to forget things or ignore how I’m feeling, and drawing instead helped me feel much better than if I went to scroll through my phone. Social media allows us to hide in the lives of others and retreat from the difficulties that we experience. Instead, this allowed me to face them. Here is a picture of my crude artwork ( and many spelling mistakes) :

What do you guys do to stay productive + off your phone?


I’ll “forget” my phone in my car while I’m out. This can be hard for parents who have teens with phones- want to stay in touch- but for now my kid doesn’t have one so it works.


This is so beautiful, Siddhi. May I share it on MeWe?

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Of course! I think it would get more people aware! Lets get tons of people on this and call it #reconnectproject


I’m all for drawing and writing by hand. Maybe we could post things that people do with pencil (or pen) and paper.


That sounds like a good idea. This could be for writinv poetry and stuff too!

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Definitely! Let’s be creative and daring. Any architects out there? Can you share your drawings too?

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@patm could you send me the link to the MeWe page when you post it? We should all share our posts with the #projectreconnect!

Siddhi, I would prefer #HumaneTechNow as standard for all HTC comm channels. It is both more semantically descriptive and also on e.g. Twitter characters space is scarce.

I used this until now… Could you make this standard community practice to use?

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We can do both! One for these specific posts, and that can go along with it. For example:

#reconnectproject #humanetechnow

We can use this picture as a promotional step…


To join the campaign you

  1. pick a piece of blank paper
  2. keep it with you all week. Whenever you feel like going on your phone for a non productive reason -> draw/write on your paper
  3. share at the end of the week

Ii is Monday so I have my blank piece of paper ready!


@Audz Very excited to see what you come up with by Friday! At the end of the week, share here and via social media with the hashtags:
#reconnectproject #humanetechnow

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We have just one smartphone now for the whole family. Father, mother, 7-year old daughter, 2 month old son.

We used qustodio to monitor and gauge our online activity on phone.
On computer I use timecamp

We started on the journey to unschool ( ) our homeschooled daughter.
I did he following things

  1. read Charlotte’s web for my daughter
  2. discussed and created a story with my daughter that could be told to 2-3 aged children. We will write it up and when her little brother grows up she will tell it to him
  3. started going for evening walks in the fields in the evening as the whole family
  4. cleaned up house to practice minimalism as much as we can
  5. planted wild jack fruit tree seeds and started practice of watering it daily.
  6. made some crafts with paper ( attached below )

Yes, this is the start :slight_smile:

It says “Sorry, you can’t put images in a post” when i click reply so no pics :frowning:

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@Siju If you have any social media, I would love to see you share the paper crafts with the previously stated hashtags! If not, you can make a seperate reply to your post to attach photos! Thanks for your contribution!

Beautiful writings and drawings, Arnold the Schrijver (writer learner) and Siddhi with the graphics.

Frightened I have been, little do we without technology.

The challenge is on for me too, to challenge myself.