Call for Concepts: Survey of Activism through Design

frog is seeking concepts, examples, or ideas from companies or individuals designing ethical systems, policies, or products/services using technology in innovative ways. We’re interested in learning about concepts that improve relationships between people, help individuals live more meaningful lives, and create more resilient and equitable societies. Here are a few areas we are interested in:

  • Transparency and Trust
  • Privacy
  • Collective Action
  • Workforce Resilience

Your contributions and ideas will be synthesized in a global survey of emergent themes in this important space and help shape the agenda for a future Exponential Unknown, frog’s public event series. Our goal is to help build awareness, encourage more exploration and attract greater interest and investment in solving some of the most challenging societal questions we face as digital citizens.

Respond to this thread, DM, or send an email to, we’d like to hear from you!

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Hello @smithclay it’s wonderful finding you online. I’m George Linicomn Jr., founder of Whatappenz. What is Whatappenz?

WhatAppenz is a new form of digital connectivity within an all-in-one mobile application concept. It secures your data and privacy, you own your data, you earn through your data, and you are connected to everyone, everything, everywhere.

After developing our application through Holochain’s decentralized system of data ownership and security, our platform will focus on two new functions that are people centered.

#1. Data Matching is the innovative way Whatappenz instantly assigns everything you personally have to offer, want, or look for with a secured IP address attached to that data online e.g., your current location, personal profile, resume, personal property, products or services, your passions, hobbies, interest or talents. Whenever the company, people, places or things looking for what you have to offer or have what you’re looking for is available, your commonly linked data will be automatically connected, secured, then sent directly to both of you, and the other party, or assigned to resolve your situations autonomously in real time through direct connectivity.

UDI: Universal Data Income will be a decentralized online payment system structured through the combined technologies of Whatappenz/Holochain and implemented in order to directly pay all users, or members the majority of Whatappenz advertising revenue in exchange for those members sharing their data through the platform.

Our global project has been attracting loyal supporters from around the world for the past year or so, (we also consider each supporter joining us as team members!) and I’d love an opportunity to share our story with you if you’re interested? Please review our project’s website and let me know if you are interested in receiving further details, or scheduling a meeting at your convenience?

Thank you for your time and consideration!
George Linicomn Jr./ email: