Austin Chapter MeetUp

Anyone else want to start an In person In Real Life Austin Chapter?

Hello. I’m not from Austin but I used to work on an event called “Austin Week”.
This event was about Austin scenes (music, tech, cinema, arts, …) showcased in Angers France.
We had no edition last year for some reasons (local politics) but we do are interested in having a new event.
This cause would be a great conference to have in Angers filled with Austin Specialists, so I thought it was good to answer your post.
I’ve notice a person who mention being from Austin : michellegreer
Please note that : I am interested in discussing a French summit with Austin people.
Have a good day.

Hi @JaneWestfall! I’m currently working as a software engineer in Austin and live close to downtown.

What would be the goal of the group? I’ve been doing some exploration into the intersection of ethics and modern technology, specifically in ethical uses of machine learning and data collection. Would love to chat more to see if we have mutual interests or to spread awareness.