2020 EDITION - Digital Wellness Collab Report - 37 experts share their tips.

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is well and healthy.
I wanted to share the The 2020 Edition Digital Wellness Collaborative Report we put together. 37 experts across 12 nationalities share their tips and vision in the industry.

You can see full report here

I hope you enjoy the read!


Hi @JuanBagby,

All right! So first of all, kudos for putting this report together.

Secondly, because you decided to post it here, I believe you’re ready to answer some questions.

At the beginning of your publication, you state the goal of your report.

“This collaborative paper aims to have a positive impact on people like us who went through a wake-up call and are trying to make a change in the ultra- connected society we live in by joining forces with thoughtful leaders in the community.”

When you say “people like us,” it’s not clear to me what public you’re talking about. I presume you’re trying to reach the general public and not people that are already aware of the problems of tech or inside the humane tech and digital wellness movement.

Did I understand it right?

My second question for you depends on your answer to this question.

I was surprised to find a Brazillian on your list. I didn’t know about her. I’ll try to make contact. :slight_smile:

This is so good! I especially liked the part about it’s not only about reducing our screen time, but also increasing our human time.

I like JOMO for the same reason, that it is pro-something. It can be overwhelming to think about all the ways big data is using our information and manipulating us, so lets go outside? Not saying that’s the solution, but it’s really good to think about the human connection we can build offline.

Thank you for sharing!

P.s. Is there any way I can save this document?