WTF is Jibber

Under a businesses model that only rewards unhealthy growth, social platforms have created a suffocating race for human attention. They downgraded our ability to effectively communicate.

Now is the time to take a step back, a deep breath and move away from the toxicity, together.

We are building a movement supported by a mobile app and business, that makes our messages meaningful while you’re apart so that you grow even closer when you’re together.

And because it’s not enough just to build something better to drive adoption, we are also offering ownership so you can be rewarded for who you are, not for your data.

Nothing even comes close to the way we have combined messaging, mindfulness, and crypto. Once you have it, you won’t be able to imagine your world without it.

I’d love to connect with anyone that finds Jibber interesting.

Bring on the feedback :grimacing:

Also note that this video is intended for investors, but gives a big picture to what Jibber is all about.

Hi Ben,

Jibber does look interesting and I enjoyed watching your presentation. I like your idea of non-verbal communication cues to help making communication apps more genuine and healthier.

I am also working on a communication app and I agree with you about the fact that our ability to communicate better and in a kinder way is critical to help us achieve the challenges of our times.

Good luck to you and your team!