"I dislike WhatsApp because..."

WhatsApp is making life hell for me and everyone I know, especially my loved ones. Alternatives like Telegram, Wire, etc., are in a crazy numbers/security war with WhatsApp but that don’t impress me much. Therefore, I’m building an alternative to these crazy messenger apps… Unfortunately I can’t disclose too much details at this point of time, but I’d really appreciate it if you could help me understand whether you find IMs like WhatsApp broken… do you dislike them, too? If yes, is it the blue ticks? Is it the interruptions? Is it the useless group messages? What’s wrong with WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., in the context of “Time Well Spent”?

Hi Jaski
I feel the same. Every Time I need to make a decision, even a small one, on a whatsapp group it opens up the doors of discussion hell. It’s just so hard with all the chatter coming all hours and time
For that frustration we launched app.apeo.co
Free web app which let anyone to create a one-question poll like this - http://app.apeo.co/1gfpdnh and share to whatsapp groups easily
Each group member vote and results are shown anonymously in real time

I work with groups and communities from the social lab in TLV and it showed reduction in chatter and messages by using it for decisions and insights
Same for Telegram and others

So if you’re working on chat platform love to hear more about it

Thanks @jony! I checked out APEO and it’s simple and effective! I think the real-time feature is very good.

Regarding our chat app – we are solving some of the psychological issues with most messengers, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Wire, Signal, etc.

All the existing chat/messenger apps are pretty much the same from a psychological perspective. They differ over things like security and attachment size. These things are important, but don’t set one apart from the other in a psychological sense…

I will keep you posted.

The "Seen message’ feature is just dis respectful to me.
And if you mark as unread, it doesn’t mark as unread to the sender ;/

“Seen message” – totally agree. It is actually an invasion of privacy. Good for WhatsApp, bad for humans. WhatsApp has a way of disabling this functionality but most people don’t know about it / use it anyway. We just don’t have it in our upcoming app.

Mark as unread – I didn’t know it existed before you mentioned it! Any case, I think WhatsApp knows that it’s not an important feature… that’s why it’s hidden in the 3-dot menu.