Build for A More Respectful Modern Communication

Hi friends, :blush:

β€œThe extractive attention economy is tearing apart our shared social fabric.” Messaging service providers have won their business from interrupting our focus and attracting our attention. Is there an interest in a new service that respect our time and focus?

I am a student initiating a project concerning message interruptions. Please fill up this 3min survey and let us know your thoughts! Your opinions means a lot to us. Thank you! :blush:

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Welcome to the forum, @ian1. I started to fill out the survey, then stopped. Parts of it are unclear because the syntax is not correct. If you are willing to improve it, LMK and I will help you.

Hi Pat @patm , thank you for helping. :pray: It would be great, if you could let me where could be better improved :blush:.

I am really looking forward to hearing more opinions and making changes of current communication tools which are based on interrupting our focus and attention. Thank you:blush:

Thank you, @ian1 :slightly_smiling_face: I will send you a personal message with some thoughts.

And thanks for caring about these things. We are always happy to see young people who are aware and trying to make our world better.