Which basic phone with android would you recommend buying?

I’m looking for a basic phone thats limits me the use of internet, whith whatsapp, what do you recommend?

What do you think about Nokia 1?

Whats your opinion of ANDROID GO, OREO EDITION?

AFAIK when you put a full OS like Android in phone, it becomes a “smart phone” i.e almost an handheld computer.

Android on the latest version comes with screentime limits for device and each app. It will show notification if you pass certain time in hours or min (which you decide and set) spent on a app and close the app. You can of course “extend” for 15 min or rest of the day.

The other thing with respect to ethical hardware, I would suggest you check out “fairphone” project, and also purism phone (purism phone is still in development)

If you don’t mind buying older models , you can check the alternative phones with fully free as in libre OS and libre firmware/driver/software recommended in this page : https://www.fsf.org/givingguide/v9/

Apart from this , you can install f-droid app store which only hosts FLOSS software apps in it. From there you can get netguard no-root firewall app and disable network access for both system apps and your apps separately for data(4g) and wifi. For example, using netguard firewall, you can disable net access to some chat app or email app, except when you absolutely need to send and receive a message/mail respectively


There is e.foundation who have developed an Android version (starting from LineageOS) without Google spyware on it. This wiki post shows what phones they run on:

Here you can request additional device support:

If you care for the environment and fair production / fair trade of your phone, you can go for:


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