Ratio Launcher (Android) - Help needed to test

Hey everyone, :blush:

as probably most of the community here, we’ve found very hard to stay focused on our phones. As you, we saw the power asymmetry of addictive UIs and users having to battle it on their own.

TL;DR We have build Ratio launcher (for Android) to address this from the ground up, by completely replacing the original home screen into a minimalist, attention preserving UI.

We would really appreciate the support from community and would like to invite you to do a usability test with us! This will be extremely helpful, as it will show us our own blindspots when onboarding new users. In exchange, we will provide you with 1-month free Ratio Membership. We have 2 conditions:

  • You’re an Android user / have android device
  • You’ve never used Ratio before

Book a call with us here: https://blloc.typeform.com/to/eJbknWBx
Many many thanks! :slight_smile:



Hey Rūta, I currently don’t have an Android phone handy, so I can’t apply. This definitely seems like an interesting launcher you’re building! I also like the design of the Blloc website.

Just maybe, in case you weren’t aware yet, I can offer another form of community feedback: a few years back, @andrewmurraydunn was CEO of Siempo, another (the first?) anti-distraction Android launcher. I used it happily at the time.

It is now defunct, and Andrew reflected upon the fate of Siempo and what he learned from it in two blog posts. See also his post in this forum: Siempo Postmortem: A Humane Tech Startup.

To my shame, I haven’t read them yet. They sound like extremely relevant reads for you though!


Hey Thor!

Thanks so so much for replying and giving some guidance. Will definitely look into Siempo - I think definitely have come across at some point!:slight_smile: Just from the first glance, seems like a lot of wisdom to be learned from.